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  1. Does anyone know what time a member from your band comes to marry your tamagotchi?
  2. what are the best instruments for asian music?
  3. what do they toy shop, cafe, musc shop, boutique, items do i ntamagotchi v6? i try playing with it but nothing happens?
  4. how come my tamaogtchi sucks in music school? it plays with its band members but halfway while they play it makes a beeping sound and then they have sad faces and they stop playing.
  5. so i pulled off the tab thingy ( to turn it on) for my tamagotchi v6 at around 10pm last night . Today it went to sleep at 7:45pm. Isn't it supposed to go to sleep at 10?
  6. you have 2 giv it snacks so it can play
  7. i donated 3000 gp 2 da king but he didnt give me a password!!! HELP ME PLEASE
  8. its not reely dat funny every tama does that
  9. actually they leave in 2 days after they get their child they at night at 12am
  10. i wuz thinkin about space pictures or smiley faces as som choices but if not i would choose beach and translucent oh yea and maybe lights that flash on ur tama but u can turn it off if u want
  11. my tama is a teketchi is it rare?
  12. my warusotchi & kurokotchi wont hav kids but they are both over 4 yrs old!!! help me plz!!!!!!!
  13. i had a megatchi and i hav a kurosomthin right now!
  14. the action figure above your tama is a dream or your tama is sleeping with the toy hope dat helped!