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  1. Happy birthday Calvin! :)

    1. Asiangotchi


      Oh! I'm super late, but thank you so much TamaMum!

  2. An official TamaTalk Discord server would be neat. Let's do it.
  3. Lag likes to eat button inputs sometimes. Also, make sure you completely release the other button before pressing jump. On a side note, Heading is harder on the V2 because the ball falls at random speeds.
    1. Retrotamagotchi


      It looks like a fake, just because it says TAmagotch, instead of tamagotchi.

    2. Retrotamagotchi


      Also the cracked shell design around the screen doesn't look right

    3. jirachi-potato


      it's a vintage. tamagotch is the romanized version on all japanese tamagotchis in the vintage era. the cracked design is like that as well. it's different from a connection.

  4. Twitch Plays Tamagotchi

    1. Vexia


      Very interesting, huh? I made a topic about it earlier this afternoon, but it's pending approval. I don't think it's doing so well. >.<

  5. I bought my little sister a Tamagotchi Friends, and now I want one.

  6. Haven't used Game Maker in a while.

  7. Looking at posts from when I was ten.

    1. horse_raisins
    2. ~DreamButterfly~


      my posts were a lot worse lmao

    3. MametchiWarrior


      Oh my god....mine are worse though.

  8. I do miss the Connection/Connexion times.

    1. louismedici


      Me too. All the NFC and phone connecting stuff is a little too much for me now.

    2. SupahCow090


      Though I love the Modern Tamagotchis, the Connections will always have a big place in my heart. ;-;

  9. I watched a few episodes on YouTube back in 2008 or so. I'm sure it's everywhere now, so I should get back to it.
  10. Yup, Amazon. The price was a little lower when I ordered it than it is now.