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  1. Someone recently posted this to Reddit, and it is driving me mad because I cannot find anything even close to what is being described. Pixel Chix are the closest thing to this toy but both the aforementioned Reddit post and this one from four years ago confirm it is not Pixel Chix. Does anyone recognise the toys being described? Searching through Google Images, eBay and Etsy have turned up nothing.
  2. The only positive I can see in all this is the app - apps are a very lucrative thing nowadays, with the freemium/microtransaction prospect making a lot of money for app developers. If this is the market that they want to tap into, it could have some good points - the ability for lots of extra content, regular updates, connecting with friends etc. - all the things that companies like to focus on. But then again, there's lots of focus on the retro aspect, right? Even the background of the booth is using Gen 1 characters, so are they really going to be interested in the IDL type Tamagotchis? Hmmm... As for the other stuff apparel/home furnishings, I'm in their "target market" for this stuff and I do not care about any of it - I am only interested in the Tamagotchi itself. Merchandise is nice but it's to support a toy, not flesh out the lack of one.
  3. It's getting a bit late here in the UK, as the Licensing Expo said they'd send me photos of the Tamagotchi L.I.F.E booth, they'll do it via Twitter. Keep tabs at https://twitter.com/licensingexpo - they will hopefully post something soon! My Twitter username is @wintermintgreen, so if you see them tweet me - check it out! Fingers crossed when I wake up and check this thread in the morning they'll be lots of cool new information about it! N'night! x
  4. If he says he'll email you, then I guess we should be patient. Don't want to harass the guy, he's been very kind to offer us information at all!
  5. That's understandable! I tweeted Licensing Expo and they're going to try and send me some photos of the booth, which is awesome of them! Will let you know asap if/when they do!
  6. Oh nice! Am very much looking forward to seeing what he'll email about! Good work, Chris!
  7. The expo's YouTube is http://www.youtube.c...singexpo/videos, I'm keeping my eyes on it... I subscribed to a few news related feeds but I've seen nothing regarding L.I.F.E yet... EDIT: Also, checking their Twitter hashtag for news - https://twitter.com/search/%23LicensingExpo
  8. The Tamagotchi booth is 7121, under the catagories Character/Animation and Digital Media/Gaming.