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  1. Happy Birthday D

  2. Anybody want to go on Tinychat? :/

  3. That sounds like a good idea. Maybe a big TamaTalk wall could be constructed in every major region? I think California should have its own big TT convention, being the most populous state in the U.S. and all. I already know that there's one other TTer living in the region I'm in (SF Bay Area). I don't know any other TTer living here, but I bet there's at least one other person from here.
  4. I'm a Gemini. 1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. Definitely. 4. When I'm not surfing the internet, probably. 5. Not too sure about this one. 6. Yes.
  5. Mine are hazel. When I cry, or when my eyes get wet, my iris turns green. II think it's kind of cool, but usually, the sclera of my eyes is all red, so it gives a weird Christmas-colored, ugly contrasting effect. I like my eyes.
  6. In the middle of summer, I used to sleep at 2 am and wake up at 10 am. Now I'm just suddenly trying to sleep early, so I go to be at around 11-11:30 pm, play Sudoku, and sleep at about 1 am. I usually wake up in between 7-8.
  7. Listening to Finale by Madeon. I never knew this song played at GamesCom.

  8. I've heard of Lake Compounce. Boulder Dash looks really thrilling, especially considering the amount of airtime you must get on it.
  9. I must be like, the most impulsive person ever. xD

  10. Wooden roller coasters are pretty structurally safe, so I don't fear them more than I do steel coasters.
  11. I love theme parks and roller coasters, especially since I live in California. You could say that I know a lot about roller coasters and manufacturers compared to the general public, so if you say 'loopty-loop', I'll be pretty aggravated.. So far I have been to Universal Studios Hollywood, Disney's California Adventure, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, California's Great America, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Adventuredome, and Knott's Berry Farm. My favorite roller coasters would have to be California Screamin' in DCA for steel, and I don't have a current favorite for wood, but I like Apocalypse at SFMM (when it was Terminator Salvation).
  12. FInally got a Tumblr earlier today.

    1. Bubbles11


      Tumblr is my life...

  13. Any of you play any Sims game? I play The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, but I prefer The Sims 2. There's a man-eating plant, a hookah, males getting impregnated by aliens, and more.
  14. During math class, we did a brief overview of dividing decimals. Our teacher called up a student and tried to show the class that dividing decimals was like ballroom dancing. So she was doing the waltz with one of her students...