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  1. so im on my second generation and i really didnt notice how my first generation aged. so like how much time will my tama be a baby. a todler. teenager and adult?
  2. hes 7 and had a baby yesterrday in the night and like a couple minutes ago hed come up to the screen and its face was all focused it was so cute!
  3. when mine turned into an igiotchi id only let 2 hearts fill up on the hunger and happy level. i have a 5 year old hanotchi now
  4. so my hanatchi is 5 years old and he will only play when i gave him a snack. he is very naughty and the weird thing he is has the disipline meter all filled up. so what can you guys tell me about the hanatchi? mine is a boy and i was wondering when the matchmaker will come. tell me all about hanotchi please.
  5. my igiotchi is 2 years old and i was wondering how long it would take for him to get to his adult stage. ive been letting him have 2 hearts in hunger and happy level since he turned to a teenager. any clue which chracter ill get?