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    I haven't been on here since like 1873. Haa but seriously, it's been 3 years! Alright. I'm Laura. A sophomore. I cheerlead, but please don't pre-judge me because of that. I hold a 3.9 GPA in school; I know, I could do better. I love music. And I love to talk. Communicate with me! Haahahh :]

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    I forget names.
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    None. All 9 are dead. :(
  1. First time on here since I was about 9. I am now almost 16. :o

  2. I'm 9816178465461561461468% girly girl and some people think its hard to believe I listen to Rock and Metal and stuff. My fave is Metallica!! :]
  3. ^Sounds cool >flies high and you know it v hates miley cyrus (duhh who doesn't?)
  4. nope not really...i act myself all the time.
  5. Heheh, I'm a girl I don't like them either. o.o
  6. Okay, honestly, I don't think you JB Fans "Love" who they actually are. I think you are actually obsessed with how they look. When you love someone, its not how they look really. Its their personality. Soo I say stop obsessing over the guys, which you don't know in real life probably, and start focusing on reality.
  7. Lots of people have diff. tastes. =)
  8. Here is how to set your tama's contrast: Press [C] and at the same time and then on the screen will appear "Contrast". To make the contrast higher, press . To make the contrast lower, press [A]. I found this out by accident, by the way! =D Thanks, and tell me if this was helpful! =)
  9. Happy Birthday, spiffy! =D Well, when I turn 15 in about 2 years, I have a quincenera, lol. And you buy this huge room and have a partayy. =)
  10. Don't worry about it. =) I can't swallow them at all. Only the little ones. =/
  11. I say this is a FIVE stars out of five. =) I LOVED this movie so much it almost made me cry. =I I don't think the movie is in English...but they have the English Sub-Titles. Of course, since I speak Spanish, I could do both. But, I reccomend this movie to anybody who loves a good kind of Fantasy type thing. P.S., it's rated R. =/ For some language, and plenty gore. [Not too much, though.] Has anybody seen this before? PPS, sorry if there's another topic like this. =/