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  1. Ok so a couple of years ago I had 2 v1 tamagothi's and they worked perfectly fine until the batterys went out, so i bought the right type of batterys and put them in carefully. but 5 min later on the screen of the tamagotchi started flashing the dead battery sign! i thought that happened because i debugged them both but when i recently bought 2 new v3 tamagotchis and did not debug them the same thing happened. i need help!!
  2. Well we can just get enough signatures for the sake of it. I say there still might be a chance.
  3. To pause just press a and hold then press b. it shouold say pause. do the same to unpause. a and c is to turn the sound off.
  4. Also maybe just maybe if we got enough signatures we could get them back. But it will be a big MAYBE.
  5. that has never happened to me. like spiffy said you're lucky cause now you don't have to play games
  6. Download is when you accedentally push reset and you want to reload you tama's life. It goes back to last event. If you catch your tamagotchi dying then you push reset download and you might be able to recover your tama's life.
  7. Why does everybody hate masktchi???????? I actually like him. He is one of my favorites!!!!
  8. How could that be? I left mine for a day(I lost my beloved tamagotchi) all hearts empty and it is still alive.
  9. Tamagotchi's Name: Bud Tamagotchi's Age: 3 Date of Birth: Date of Passing: What Generation? 4 Your Comments: Poor bud. I wish I never forgot to pause him. He will think of me as a bad parent now....... well I'm going to take much better care of little Bud Junior. I hope this one stays alive unlike his father Bud and his grandfather Buddy. Buddy died because of debugging and his son died of carelessness, now it is up to me to protect Bud Junior.
  10. Sorry for the double posts made a accedent with editing my original post!
  11. April 4th Sorry you guys! But I don't have notes again and I didn't write since April 2nd and I din't even spell it right! Anyways big news. My little bud evolved into a..........KUPATCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Booya!! My plans for Zoey and Bud are that they will turn old and then get to marry. I've heard rumors that that is the way to get a secret character. Anyone know if it's true if you do please let me know!