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    Its been 5 years since I joined TamaTalk.
    I joined when I was 11.. I am now 16.
    TamaTalk honestly has had such a large impact on my life; its allowed me to make many friends that I still speak to today, friends that have become best childhood friends through the internet.

    My name is Ali, I am currently in my senior years of highschool.
    I adore the art of photography. I have a dA of where my art can be found if you would like to check it out :)

    I attend a lot of local and not-so-local gigs of the Sydney area.
    The best show I have ever been to was when I saw The Getaway Plan's last ever show.
    It was the most amazing experience of my life tbh. I will never forget it.

    I love anything that is vintage, dark, or just overall completely eccentric.
    I change the colour of my hair frequently, hence why my hair length never grows.

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  1. One of the first manga series I read. Its delightful, so cute
  2. I won't let it touch the ground, just keep your eyes on me. And let me be your gravity ♥ Dance Gavin Dance ftw.
  3. Nothing Short Of Lust - Slow Motion Red Lights.
  4. LOL I always sing Mayday Parade in the shower.
  5. You should have respected the fact that I felt it was something I wanted to keep to myself. I don't want to exploit and tell everyone everything about me life if I don't feel comfortable with it. It makes me so upset to know you get angry at me when I don't do what you want me too. Theres a reason why I don't tell people things. For the sake of trust and for the sake of my own personal choice. If you can't expect that, then I'm sorry. I told you anyway, didn't I? Just like how you were going to tell Rebecca about what you did with Drew.. you were going to tell her, just not when you expected too. But you did anyway. I was going to tell you. Just I didn't at the time because I never really had a chance or I never really wanted too. Its nice to know you have no respect for me. Although you call me when you have a breakdown, and I support and offer you advise the whole way through. Offer to look after you and do whatever it takes to make you feel better.. yet you think this of me? I don't understand.
  6. Craig Owens... Oh my god. ♥ The most amazing man to ever walk the earth. Apart from Aaron Gillespie. Defs my celebrity crush. Oh, and Zooey Deschanel. She makes me fall in love with women.
  7. - Pattern for my Textiles assingment. - Alice in Wonderland socks for my friends party. - Hairdye. - New Mascara. - The little Alice in Wonderland hat's at Jay Jay's.
  8. The Only Exception ♥ Best new Paramore song, hands down.
  10. Wait For Me, Tokyo by Stealing O'neal & All I See by Lydia ♥
  11. A Skylit Drive.. one of my favourite bands of all time. Wires & The Concept of Breathing changed my life haha. His voice is so unique, and they seriously amaze me so bad. Have you heard the side project of ASD, Watchout! Theres Ghosts? A mix of electronica / hardcore. Very different
  12. All Time Low are amazing. The first song I heard by them was "Hometown Heroes, National Nobodies". Amazing song, might I add. When I came across them, I assumed they would be just another powerpop Boys Like Girls type based band. (I hate BLG lol.) But after listening to all of their music, I discovered how amazing they are. They're a band you can't get sick off, easy to sing along too, easy to enjoy + powerful / relatiable lyrics. Coffee Shop Soundtrack is my favourite by them, its breathtaking.
  13. Oh wow! LOL! I would have loved to see your first reaction to seeing a childhood photo of you on one of those pics. I love them, their so funny :3 and to think, someone right here on TamaTalk is in one of them xD Nice job! But creepy that they found your picture D: /mango