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  1. Please vote for your favourite NEW V3 tamagotchi character. If you cannot remember what they look like, CLICK HERE. There are quite a lot to choose from so pick carefully!
  2. My boombox exploded when I put the music disc in it. DO NOT PUT THE MUSIC DISC IN THE BOOMBOX Now I'll have to buy a new one.....
  3. Come and visit my forum There isn't many memebers.
  4. I have made a new forum. Clickhere to view it. You can join and chat about anything you like!
  5. I've got one right now!!! Unfortunately it is going to die tonight!!! He's nine years old and there is a picture of him on my site
  6. How do you get Zuccitchi and Cho Himetchi?
  7. You can't call her Bridget. You can only have a 5 letter name!
  8. It is a ghost. I've had Kabutchi (twice), Ginjirotchi (3 times), Toratchi, Dorotchi, Oyajitchi (twice), Butterflytchi, Furawatchi (3 times), Memetchi and Marumimitchi. I voted for Dorotchi because he is funny
  9. Has anyone had a Dorotchi or Butterflytchi? I have!!! There are some pictureson my site