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  1. I'm thinking of getting a Tamagotchi Mix 20th Anniversary or Anniversary Gift version and I'd like to find out the difference between them before I decide. So far I know there are different marriageable characters on each version and that the games are different. Are the baby/child/teen characters the same? I've read that "Connecting the M!X Anniversary Gift Version to any other M!X will unlock some exclusive content!" and "The M!X Anniversary Gift Version also gets exclusive items from the Tamagotchi M!X Station that can be found in several locations throughout Japan." but I never saw any sort of followup on those. What is the exclusive content it unlocks? Is it for the Gift Mix or the other Mix? And does the second sentence mean it has Mix Station content preloaded onto it, or that it gets special items when it connects to a Mix station? (By the phrasing I'd guess the latter, but I don't live in Japan so that's... not a selling point.) Thank you!
  2. Well, I'm running two Music Stars, a TamaGo, and a V2. Music star, Headphones design - Gen2 Kuromametchi named Charlie (He was supposed to be an Androtchi or Dorotchi. I took terrible care of him and he became the BEST character. Maybe it's because his parents were a Mametchi and Chantotchi?) Got Pro Debut on the first try. Music Star, Glam rock design, Gen1 Sebiretchi named Pickles (She... well, she should have been male, given her name, but I don't much like any of the Gen1 males, couldn't very well NOT name the Glam Rock tama Pickles, and I wanted to get the Mega Drums on this generation, so. She also became a Sebiretchi like I wanted, even though I did the EXACT same care pattern as Charlie...) Has tried the Pro Debut 3 times and failed every time. @_@ TamaGo White - Gen 1, Currently an Ahirukutchi. I'm sad that they don't let you name the tamas, but I call him Seth. This actually seems like a step back - no non-food items, no name, tinny sound, HUGE... V2, Lifesavers design - Started him up again this morning. Apparently he's a Gen4 Debatchi named Ford. I sold several of my older tamas on Ebay recently, but this one had gotten into the paws of my darling puppy and features interesting tooth-mark decorations. Amazingly she didn't so much as scratch the screen, and it works perfectly.