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  1. *Gotchi Girl*

    Rate the Siggy above you!

    1/10 Way to dull.
  2. *Gotchi Girl*

    The Banning Game!

    I ban Tamacool because their lucky number is 4!
  3. *Gotchi Girl*


    Tell your Mom or Dad!!! Don't be her friend and ask her why she did it. She ows you a new V.3.
  4. *Gotchi Girl*


    How cool!
  5. *Gotchi Girl*

    Life is amazing.

    Toys R Us. $25.99 (Australian Dollars! )
  6. *Gotchi Girl*

    Group members PM boxes. *Reminder*

    Yes, Peeps ask me questios and I can't answer because the inbbox is full! Grr... Thanks Mothra! Random: Post number 333!
  7. *Gotchi Girl*

    Nyatchi and Hohotchi

    Nyatchi ( ) is definatly real but I'm not too sure about Hohotchi.... Maybe lopok on the charater chart?! ~Illusen~
  8. *Gotchi Girl*

    Stupid Death!

    Well, none of mine have died unexpectedly! ~Illusen~
  9. *Gotchi Girl*

    Don't put your personal info in profile!

    Yes, this is a very helpful topic! ~Illusen~
  10. *Gotchi Girl*

    The Banning Game!

    I ban Evanescence because I have a nut allergy! *GG*
  11. *Gotchi Girl*

    What do you want the next smilie character to be?

    Maybe you could make a hinotamatchi?
  12. *Gotchi Girl*


    I got my V.3 in Decmber and the same batterie still in there! *GG*
  13. *Gotchi Girl*

    I donated!

    I donated $5. That means I am an Angelgotchi.
  14. *Gotchi Girl*

    New TamaTalk Guide!

    Congrats OsuMesu21!
  15. *Gotchi Girl*


    Tamagotchi's Name: Elise Tamagotchi's Age: 8 Tamagotchi's Character: (Memetchi) Date of Birth: N/A Date of Passing: Today What Generation? 16 Your Comments: Don't worry Elise. I will look after baby Tessa. Goodbye....