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  1. my ichigotchi wont evolve!are they supposed to evolve into an adult the day after they are a teenager right away?or is there a specific year that it will evolve?
  2. and both of my tamagothci's turned into ichigotchi's
  3. no but look Intelligence: Level 2-3 Strength: Muscle 3 Base Weight: 30g A slightly mature type. Will develop from Kinakomotchi, if you take good care of both its body and heart needs. *when you first play, ichigotchi will develop from marutchi **"ichigo" means strawberry.
  4. so the first time u play it will turn into ichigotchi all the time?
  5. Hey I remember I've seen a site somewhere on this forum but I can't find it anymore...It told you how to make your Tamagotchi turn into certain things as they grow...Does anyone remember this?....Oh yeah and my Tamagotchi turned into an Ichigotchi...
  6. i made my tama past 8 pm and i have one i have to wait til he wakes up to see who he turned into?
  7. So...Has anyone found out on how to get the secret Nazotchi?
  8. so has any1 found out how to get nazotchi?
  9. do they hafta be in their child form to connect?
  10. Tamagotchi is in a bad mood how do I get him out of it?He has no Happy bars but I can't play with him he doesn't wanna play...So what should I do?
  11. hm...i got my tamagotchi at toysrus...i dont know it wasnt supposed to be released