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  1. Hi guys, I am just woundring wat improvements tama needs. Like i would like well i dont know....... mabey COLOR .
  2. ohhh, I forgot Another good one
  3. Hi guys. I found afew good tama sites on google. Here they are VP page 1 VP page 2 (Theres a VP store in the bottom left hand corner) VP page 3 And of course THE BEST ONE
  4. Yeah lol . Today my tama took a bath for the first time .
  5. My Tama turned to the Upside-Down Strawberry at 1 yr . Wat happened
  6. has any noticed that their Tama turns to it side then yawns and then takes a Poo?
  7. lol. I've herd the Ninja tama(Adult Stage) can get throwing knifes
  8. On the side of this web site click US or UK Price Guide. If You click on one of the links(there should be pics on all of the links )
  9. Yaeh it will get a tooth ache. My friend gave it too much candy when i let him look at it . But he got it to 99 pounds in less than a minute . To fix it click on the Med box 2 times.
  10. Because You Probuly Made your Tama at night ,because I THINK it grows 1 year in 0ne day. Without Pausing it
  11. I FIXED MINE!!!!! I just had the time wrong! I had it at 11:41 PM not AM
  12. I dont know But mine Sleeps 12pm(or so) - 8pm. All i did was pause while I was sleeping(it was ANOYING me at the Baby stage).
  13. Yeah mine dose that too . I think it its the "Advance Technology" Working lol.