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  1. wow... Thats cool. It HATCHED as a nikatchi? or grew into one?
  2. the password is under parent.. theres two there.. You press (a) like 2ce or something
  3. Thats silly, I have never done that.. But I have dropped mine more than once(more than a million)
  4. I got 5000 too, but I have gotten the old man... Its pretty funny to watch him freak out...haha
  5. Sure I dropped it... But thats not why it broke... It didn't turn off until like at last an hour after I dropped it... So I don't think thats It I have had it sense August...5th-ish
  6. One day my sound just BROKE>.... It stopped working I tried everything a new battery reseeting, and yes the sound was turned on Another day in the middle of class it turned back on it beeped then it stopped working again Today it just turned on for a few seconds ten turned back off, then back on then it sounded like the sound as dying, And... It turned off again!!!! whats going on?
  7. I did the lights thing and my battery started having the x a week after I bought it.
  8. Isn't Mystic fortress closed... I try to get on alot, it says the page is down
  9. Thats crazy! Did you trie maybe resseting? then just download it
  10. Genie is like the chest the flowerpot the shovel. It gives out different thinkgs all luck on what you get
  11. Okay this is the wierdest thing... i went to check on my tama (version 2) And there was this rabbit rolling an egg around on the toop of the screen!!
  12. number 15 is ring (5000 point donation) number 16 is cape(12000 point donation)