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    Acting,hanging out at the mall w/ friends, surfing the web, sports, Instant Messaging,Songwriting,Tamagotchi (of course!), and tons of other stuff<br><br>Me:<br>Name: Tyler<br>Age: 11<br><br>Favorites:<br>Color: Red<br>Song: "Rush"-aly and aj<br>Band: Green Day<br>Singer: Hilary Duff<br>Actor: Steve Martin<br>Actress:Hilary Duff<br>Movies: Raise you Voice, Duma, Harry Potter series<br>Food: Cheesecake<br>Sports: Surfing and baseball<br>Book: True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle<br>Television shows: Zack & Cody and Naturally Sadie<br>Instruments: Gutar, claranet, piano, keyboard<br><br>*I own: one v1, four v2s, two v3s, 1 EnTama*

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  1. This is in the wrong foroum!
  2. this is in the wrong foroum. It should be under the "Tamagotchi Memorial" section
  3. Is four and still isn't a teen! When will it evolve?
  4. I have one, and i think it is better than any other Tamagotchi! By the way, I'm getting another one in a few weeks.
  5. Accually, i read a story on the net somewhere, and it that the orgin of tamagotchi's was that A spaceship crahed on Earth and a scientist found them. After observing these tiny creatures, he put them in cases. His assistant, painted the cases and took them to school, where the craze started.
  6. Look at the growth chart for v3, there is one that looks like frankenstien (Decodchi? it think).
  7. In The 1990's bandai released The angelgotchi, with can have twins.
  8. Thank you sooooo much! You saved it from death!
  9. This is in the wrong forum. I'll ask a guide tomove it to Help For New Tamagotchi Pet Owners
  10. Is it possible to pause an Entama? I was wondering because i got back from a 2 week trip and have school tomorrow and don't want to bring it. If it is possible, how do you