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    ...um...god, this is freakin' old. Um, I'm Takamine Sakura. Sixteen-years-old as of recently. I'm basically a wanna-be anime artist with an almost ridiculous obsession with the anime "Code Geass". I love yaoi, yuri, lolita and shota, swimming, drawing, reading, writing, music, yada yada. (Favorite band is Fall Out Boy, by the way.) I dislike retards, illiteracy, and generally annoying people. If you talk to me about LelouchXSuzaku, LelouchXRolo, GinoXSuzaku, SuzakuXEuphemia, C.C.XKallen, or NunnallyXAnya, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. <3 Oh, and if you have a deviantART profile and you go add me or go look at my pictures, ALSO LOVE. <3 ...and that's about it, lol.

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  1. Sooooo cute!! Man, if I didn't love my silver tama, I'd get one of those!!
  2. I ban mangorox for having a siggy pet!
  3. I ban RHZ because she has open tags in her siggy.
  4. ^__^ LOL!!! I ban Andygal666 for banning the creator of this game. (Me!)
  5. I ban TamaChickie1 for having a number in her name. (NOTE: YAY!! Lots of peoples are playing my game!! WHOOT!)
  6. My username is Nami... and Tamagotchi Town won't... let... me... ENTER. I'm getting RATHER ANNOYED. Someone, ANYONE, help me? ~~TG~~
  7. I agree with Bell Sprout and hazeyjune and Sally the Furawatchi. *rolls eyes as she mentions the last name* In simpler terms, we should just have a little patience. Although if they've been "gently" reminded a few times, THEN I think we should have a right to rebuke them a tad less gently.
  8. I ban tama angel cause she has a CUTE avvie!!!... Not as cute as Chazz Princeton, but whatever.
  9. i ban tama angel for liking snow Wockys!
  10. *Frown* Mine won't... Maybe 'cause my b-day's Feb. 2nd... Meh. Cool sounding, though.
  11. I ban _Tama_Angel_ for NOT being online!
  12. *jaw drops* Oh, dear Lord, there's MORE of them... IEEEE!!! MY BIRTHDAY IS IN FEBRUARY!! I CAN"T WAIT!! *maybe i'll get one...* Those are good pictures! Thankie for clearing up the mystery of the V3 TAma!
  13. I ban kouhiiTenshin for hawing 2 tamas.
  14. i ban kmskk777 for being the same gender as me! Is it... Kelly Clarkson? Or Shaniah Twain?