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  1. Finally back with another update. This isn't going to have any pictures because something is up with Imgur. I think they updated something because their system is unfamilar now, plus when I go into my images it says the page doesn't exist. Also some sad news that my Magic Green Tama has started back at Generation 1 as of Wednesday night. I had two twin girls at the adult stage at the time. I just came to check and just found them dead. I check them reguarly and I had waited a bit before marrying them. I heard that the longer a Tama on the ON lives the harder it is to keep them alive to the point of impossible. So maybe that's what happened. So my Magic Green's first family line ends at Generation 53. I'll try and figure out what is going on with Imgur.
  2. Time for another update, and there was a first for my Tama's. I forgot to snap a pic of them with the Tama's I married them to so I'll show it along with the following generations parents. As you can see I married both my Tama's to Tama's that had Sanrio genes. I think my twin boys on my Pink Fairy came out looking really cute!
  3. Having the whole anime subbed would be really awesome! I would binge the whole series and end it with the Tamagotchi movie.
  4. Time for another update. As I have two Tamagotchi ON's running I'll be updating this log on both of them. I have unlocked all locations on my Pink Fairy. I didn't use the trick of having my Fairy visit the locations on my Magic to open them, only for the Sports Plaza. I plan to marry the Tama on my Fairy to Pagaunicornitchi. Something interesting I noticed on my Fairy when I pressed the C button with this Tama before I married her. It seems she got her dads speech pattern of saying Dacchi. Wonder if this holds true with other Tama's with a speech pattern like this, also the doughnuts being given as prizes on the app were here favorite. And of course they visited their folks for New Years. To do this you need to go to the house icon and select Parents and this will bring then to their parents house and them wishing eachother a happy New Year. The parents will give them new years money of 1000g's as its tradition in Japan to give new years money. If you Tama is gen 3 or more they will get an additional 1000g's from their grandparents like here:
  5. I don't think its me being a Tama enthisuist that I noticed it. More like I'm a stickler for details and I notice this about anything really. 27 years of playing video games have trained me to be sensitive to color. You could take a screen colored completely light gray and make one pixel just barely a lighter or darker shade and I'd zero in on it the second I look at it. If something is wrong with my green magical at least my sister got in a purple magical for Christmas along with the pink fairy one.
  6. I have two ON's active, a green magic which I got back in the June and a pink fairy I got for Christmas. I keep both with the screen brightness at the lowest setting to conserve battery. But my fairy ON's screen is lightly brighter then my magic's. At first I thought it was the color contrast (the fairy being pink with white designs and the magic being green with black) or maybe the brightness wasn't turned down all the way on my fairy. But after checking that the brightness is at the lowest setting for both, then covering both until only the screens were showing to avoid the coloring from any distortion their colors might be doing, and setting them both on the contract setting screen to avoid their wallpapers from affecting my ability to tell as well. I've found that yes my fairy's screen is brighter. I don't know if this is a early indication that the batteries are getting low before they die or if maybe this is something with my magic ON like a defect. Has anyone with more then one ON experienced this where one or more of their ON's screens are brighter then the others?
  7. Time for the update and a special surprise. Pressing the C button had my Tama finding Santaclausitchi and Rednosetichi. My sister got me two more Tamagotchi ON's. So now in addition to my original Magic Green ON I also have a Fairy Pink and Magical Purple ON. I decided to play with the Fairy ON and leave the Magic Purple alone in the event something happens to my other two. It allowed me to unlock the final location on my Green Magic ON, the Sports Plaza. On my Fairy Pink I got a boy, meaning the first Generation on both my ON's were boys.
  8. So another late update. The next one might be late too because of work. I was assigned a project at work that my supervisor would like to have done before the holidays, but understands with the holidays coming up that it might be difficult. But that will be a major focus of my energy the next week or so. I'll still be taking care of my Tama and and taking pictures of its growth, I just might not have them posted on time. I try to update with each generation but that hasn't been working out so great ^^|| My Tama from before had a little girl. I'm having a lot of girl Tama's lately. I married another owners Kuromametchi, which I'd been trying to do for a while since I haven't unlocked the Sports Plaza yet. Her mom was a cute Santa mix though. This Tama baby breaks another milestone for me. My Generation 40 Tama! With the release of the Sweets Meets there have been a lot of Sweets Tamas. I wanted to marry my Tama to a Tama with Sweets genes, any one would do. But I had some trouble since a lot of users seemed to have girls this time around. There was also a lot of Tama boys that had MyMeets genes mixed in with their Sweets genes and I avoid those Tama's because of glitches associated with using the MyMeets app. Plus with Bandai banning people using the app. But these two twins break my chain of girls for the last few generations and the gap between my last set of twins.
  9. Apologizes for the long wait things got hectic at work and home so I didn't have much time to update this log. But now that I do lets get into it. Missed my chance with everything going on to snap a pic of his teen stage but I caught my Tama having a dream. This is the first time I caught a Tama on my ON having a dream. I think from this that the color of a Tama depends a lot on the parents. That it will either be one of the parents colors or a mix like shown here. My Tama was blue and Pizzaritchi is yellow and their daughter turned out green. Intresting for me but bad for her, she looked like moldy pizza. I change the color to orange and she looked more like nacho cheese pizza. I married her to Santaclausitchi and they had a little girl. This is a strange one as my Tama took on the traits of her great Grandma with only the gift bag coming from her dad.
  10. When your Tama is a baby you can't travel anywhere. You have to wait an hour or so for it to grow into its child stage and then you can visit other places. As for the other locations where is what you need to do to unlock all the areas. Tama Hotel: Travel anywhere (Park or Department Store found in the door icon on left hand side on the lower row that says "Explore my Town") during the child stage. Food Town: Eat Rice Omelet 5 times at the restaurant (found in the feeding icon shape like a fork and knife). Tama Farm: Visit Food Town several times (keep visiting and it will eventually unlock) Toy Land: You need to be at generation 2 or higher and have your Tama at the adult stage. Buy the drum accessory at the department store (found in the same door icon mentioned for the instructions of Tama Hotel) and put it on, the location will unlock. Starry Sky Lab: Requires your Tama to be generation 2 or more but they can be any stage (child, teen, adult). Go to the department store and buy the starry sky wall paper. Then go out to your yard at 7pm and the location will unlock. Beauty Salon: Change the color of your Tama 2 times. This can be done by feeding your Tama certain foods 5 times in a row. Such foods include stew or rice omelet from the restaurant or cabbage from Tama Farm. Magic Town/Fairy Land: Requires your Tama be generation 3 or higher. This depends on the version of your Tama. If you have a magic version buy the Magic wall paper at the department store then go to the yard at 7pm. If you have the fairy version buy the Dreamy wallpaper and go to the yard at 7am. Tama Sports Plaza: Play with the ball when the Tama is a child or older and connect your ON with two other ON units. You can bypass this a bit by having another ON. Take the ON you want to unlock the location on, and a spare ON. Connect the two together. Then reset the spare using the reset button on the back. Then connect the two again and the location will unlock on the ON you want to open the location on.
  11. Okay now for the update! I decided to change the color to white for my little boy. This is what the screen background looks like when you don't vacuum for a few days. Normally I get vacuuming and give my Tama a bath first thing in the morning. I guess I missed a few days without realizing it.
  12. Before we get into the update. I had to change the batteries in my ON Friday November 15th. My ON's volume was turned off and the brightness at the lowest level regular Duracell AAA's are still whats being used.
  13. I was looking forward to Minecraft Earth, but while my iOS is up to date, I own an iPhone 6, which does not support some of the stuff Minecraft Earth was built to use. This stinks....
  14. We begin this update with a little cutscene I've been getting since the start of November and of course my little boys marriage to Cherritchi and their son. Their son met the Eco Triplets on November 10th and got the Eco Fork. The Eco Fork discounts all food items (Meals and Snacks) including the restaurant and all food that can be bought at the shops in the different locations within the Tamagotchi toy. My first set of twins in a few generations and they grew up to be really cute! I think those little nubs on the sides of their heads are a kind of stem for Violetichi's flowers. They kind of look like tiny cat ears.
  15. Who do you think or want to see as the special guest for December?