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    My very first virtual pet was not a Tamagotchi but a Dinkie Dino that was white with red buttons. At the time I was very new to the virutal pets and couldn't tell a Tamagotchi from a cousin. But it still holds fond memories for me playing with it in second grade all those years ago.

    I also own the Tamagotchi Gameboy Color game and still play it from time to time
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  1. Decided to re watch the Higurashi anime since I'm reading the manga and want to compare the two.
  2. Maybe a lens cleaner that you use for electronics would work. I use per-moistened alcohol ones for electronics for my 3DS and Switch screens and I haven't had any issues.
  3. Wanted to know what versions people are getting. I heard the Magical, specifically the Purple Magical is popular in Japan. So I'm curious of what versions are popular in the west.
  4. The glitches in the Meets include: Lagging Tama not getting older (Called the Peter Pan Glitch) Resetting on its own. The Resort Hotel is an unlockable location unlocked when you travel to any destination for the first time. Your Tamagotchi can't travel anywhere when its in the baby stage, it has to be a child, teen or adult to travel. Try unlocking Gourmet Street by eating Omurice at the restaurant 5 times and then travel to Gourmet Street and see if that doesn't unlock the hotel.
  5. @Penguin-keeperI sent a second message to Bandai with the same message above when I sent the first (I was worried at the time I misspelled my email address so I sent another message right after the first) so I might be getting another message relating to this issue. Most likely from a different Costumer Service person who might be able to give us different information. I'll post it if I receive another message.
  6. Canadian fans have theirs early so maybe if anything turns up before the release on the 28th they'll let us know. There's also the people Bandai sent Tamagotchi ON's to in order to review them and give their thoughts and they've had the ON's for a while now. So I think any bugs or glitches would have shown up by now if their still playing with them. And I haven't heard of any bugs or glitches from the reviewers.
  7. Hover over the image and click on it to zoom in on it. Your mouse cursor should turn into a magnifying glass with a "+" symbol on it when you hover your mouse over it indicating you can zoom in on it.
  8. There's suppose to be an image with the messages in it under my comment. I don't know if its going through review or something happened when I posted. So I uploaded the image on Imgur and put a link to the image here: Bandai's Response to a Message I sent regarding The ON and Meets Connecting and Possible Retained Bugs
  9. Due to the Meets and ON being found by several reviewers of the ON to be able to connect, after Bandai US stated they would not be able to, some in the community began to feel that if they were wrong about the two connecting that Bandai US was wrong about the bugs and glitches in the Meets being fixed in the ON was also not correct. I messaged Bandai US about this. Bellow is the message I sent them and their response. The blackout information is my name to protect my privacy. Bandai's Response to a Message I sent regarding The ON and Meets Connecting and Possible Retained Bugs
  10. What do you mean? Do you mean people and kids who will buy it because it looks neat or they missed out back when Tama's were really popular? Because a lot of people with a Meets are those big into the Tama community and imported them. Either way those glitches in the Meets can be game breakers for a lot of people. Some of the glitches on the Meets from what I've heard are: Draining the battery sometimes as fast as a day despite the brightness being at its lowest. Tamagotchi won't grow up (called the Peter Pan Glitch by some in the community) Resetting on its own. Lagging.
  11. Yeah I think the same. Doesn't make sense to release the ON with all the glitches that have been known for a while now long after the Meets release. Especially when the ON is a bit of a risk for them to be releasing here in the west. Why shoot yourself in the foot by not fixing known problems with the product. I still sent a message to Bandai America yesterday about it and explained the concerns of some potential buyers relating to it. I plan to post the response here and the Tamagotchi subreddit if I get a response. Someone also brought up that Bandai America might just not be supporting the two units connecting and not fixing or dealing with anything related to that, only working on components that allow two ON's to connect and interact.
  12. Not sure on that. You'd have to ask people who have ordered it from Amazon. I plan to buy mine in store because I'm too impatient to wait for it to be delivered.
  13. Yeah. Not to mention the comment Bandai made about the ON not having the glitches their Japanese counter part the Meets has is now in question. This is because Bandai said the ON and Meets can't connect but then people found out it wasn't true when people with both were able to connect them. So now people are worry that if they were wrong about the ON and Meets being able to connect, what if their wrong about the glitches being fixed in the ON. I sent a message to Bandai America about this when I heard the concerns, haven't heard back yet but plan to post their response if I get one.
  14. Yeah and Gamestop and EB Games have separate releases for it. The reason EB Games came up with Gamestop is because Gamestop bought shares or something of the EB Games company allowing it to stay in business. I plan on checking the two Gamestops near me on the 10th to see if MAYBE they're selling them despite EB and Gamestop having different release dates for selling the ON. Maybe I'll get lucky, but part of me also doesn't want to buy from them. Aside from not wanting to support Gamestop because of their terrible business practices the people working in the Gamestops near me all have the WORST attitudes with costumers and acting like complete snobs. Not to mention I've seen how they handle products, I think why some people end up with broken stuff from them is because the employees just dump stuff on the floor and kick it around instead of carrying it like at the Gamestops in my area.