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  1. Who do you think or want to see as the special guest for December?
  2. On to this update and meeting the milestone of generation 30! It was Majroitchi's birthday on October 31! Also the little jack-o-lantern showed up on October 29th and went away after the 31st. I married my Tama to November's special guest. I was expecting something Thanksgiving themed for November. Looks like Bandai decided to go with a winter theme for their choice. This baby boy also marks the Generation 30 milestone! My first time marrying a Tama to Bonnitchi! Their kids appearance was very surprising at the end of his growth. It appears Bonnitchi's pigtails are treated as a separate gene from hair or head pieces that show up at the top of the head. I also changed the wallpaper to the Gourmet Room to match the Thanksgiving season!
  3. Sticking it in its own post. Changed the batteries again on October 23rd. Once again the ON has the sound off and brightness turned to the lowest level. Using regular Duracell AAA batteries.
  4. Pretty late due to things getting busy but I'm here with updates on four of my previous generations since my last update. First of course we start with the last generation I got to adulthood from my last post on this log. I married the one that looked like a clone of Lovelitchi (except the darker blue bow) to Pumpkintchi to see what the results would be. My first generation was a boy so I missed out on getting Lovelitichi. They had a boy! He ended up looking like Pumpkintichi with Lovelitchi's ears and married him to Memetchi since I haven't married a Tama to her yet. Something else I noticed is that the cape from Pumpkintichi is to parts, the part around his neck and the cape if you noticed my Tama only got the part around the neck with Lovelitchi's bow being inherited too making it look like a fastener but the bat wing looking cape is missing. Meaning the parts for Pumpkintichi you can inherit are: Head Shape, Body Shape, The Stem and Leaves for hair, Eyes and Glowing Cheek Marks, Mouth, Neck part of the cape, the Cape. Moving on. And this is a good example of Tama's inheriting stuff from grandparents. There's NOTHING of her mom in her and only two things inherited from her dad, most of her appearance is from her grandmother. And that's it. Next generation will be generation 30! Another milestone for my ON.
  5. My girl has grown up and married so lets go through his growth and his kid's growth! I changed her color and bought her the shooting star headband! Then married her to the special guest. Like everyone I'm trying for pumpkin genes. She had a little boy Tama! He really looks like a pumpkin. But traits that show up in early growth stages don't always stay as they get older. Case in point, he ended up with horns as an adult after having the pumpkin stem as a child and teen. I married Lovelitchi again after over 20 generations since I married my first Tama gen on my ON to her. And break the chain of single Tama births for the last ten or so generations with these two cute twin girls! One of them looks like a clone of Lovelitchi except that the bow on her clothing is a darker shade of blue!
  6. Something I wanted to add in its own post here. There's more then one coupon you can get at the park at 7:am. I'm wondering if theirs coupons for regular items too or for the restaurant. In my previous gen before I married her off to Pumpkinitchi I met the Eco Triplets And got a neat little badge after my Tama helped clean up garbage in the park.
  7. Time for another update and I married the news special guest for Halloween in the last generation I started today. I'm missing the teen stage for him as I was so busy I forgot to snap a picture. I changed his color to white to add more color variety. Also there seems to be different animations with items if the item is a Tama's favorite. Before it was just the Tama making soba in their room, here its a big soba eating party since its his favorite. I married one of the in game Tama's again. Been a while since I saw this stage. The only difference I had with raising this one was using the restaurant to feed her and relying on games, toys and traveling only to raise happiness. I also switched to the magic background for Halloween. The pumpkin decoration really should be for all of October instead of just Halloween day.
  8. Updating that I needed to change the batteries again. Last time was September 1st and it is now September 28th. The screen brightness was at the lowest setting and sound turned off. I'm using regular Duracell AAA batteries. Not the new optimum ones though I am curious if those would last longer since they advertise a longer battery life. I think a good time to set on a ON for battery life is two weeks to a month if the screen brightness is at the lowest setting and the sound turned off. I say two weeks to a month because there is wiggle room there for those who do not play with their Tama often, leaving it at the hotel or their Tama's parents or removing the batteries when planning to not play with it for periods longer then a few hours. Even with the battery saving of the screen turning off after a while the Tama is still using battery to keep updating what is going on while the screen is off so obviously those who remove the batteries are possibly going to have a longer battery life depending how often they do it compared to those using the two built in babysitting functions. I don't remember mentioning so I'll mention it here. When you change the battery the screen brightness is set to the medium highest setting and the volume, which is normally low, all of a sudden is a pitch louder. This happens everytime I've had to change the batteries.
  9. I made a post in this log a little back about the bed blankets being different depending on the Tama's gender and that I would post pics showing this. Here they are. A boy Tama will have a blue blanket with yellow stars on it like this: A girl Tama will have a pink blanket with lighter pink hearts on it like here: Also baby Tama's that are still with their parents have a different looking bed. Its smaller and has a yellow blanket as the pic on the lower left hand side shows, not sure if this differs on gender. I report it here if it does. The Tama's in the bed in the pic are girls.
  10. I hit a major mile stone today for my ON with Generation 20. But first let me catch his log up to speed with the generations leading up to it since my last update. With this Tama I deviated from my usual care to try and break the chain of the same body I keep getting. In this case instead of keeping Happiness high I kept it low and made sure it was low when the Tama would reach its next growth stage. Basically neglecting it but not so much that it was in danger of dying, just Happiness low enough that it was not in blue or green but high enough that the Tama wasn't crying in the corner. I succeeded, I don't have a teen stage pic but here's her adult form before and after I changed her color to purple. Aside from being in a repeated body cycle like a lot of ON users have experienced I seem to be having multiple single Tama's with no twins now for multiple generations despite raising the Happiness. I've tried raising the Happiness in different ways; by Gelatin only and curing toothaches from over feeding it to my Tama, by playing with toys and playing games and other Happiness raising options that don't include sweets and a mix of both. From what I've seen so far the method you raise the Happiness bar up it doesn't effect the possibility for twins. And with the repeated body type it made things harder because with twins I would have maybe had a chance to have one twin grow up without Paintotchi's genes to pass on to the next generation. Instead it was repeatedly one Tama per egg all getting Paintotchi's genes. At least the cycle is broken at last. I do wonder why my Tama's end up with the strangest colors though. They often aren't a mix of the parents but at times random colors that don't make sense from what I can tell. It'll be nice to see how things work when someone figures it out along with how the Meets and ON's gene system work. I've been trying to figure it out but most I can tell from this is Happiness seemed to play a part in the growth forms the Tama took as well as genes that were inherited.
  11. Alright then lets get this update going! I found a bot that was one of the main characters you can raise (bots don't have friend codes or a greeting phrase) and married her. I was hoping to breed out Paintitchi and Kurobatchi's genes. I want Kurobatchi's wings but it didn't turn out how I was hoping. The reason I marry my Tama to bots or in unit Tama's is because so many users have MyMeets app genes that are known to cause glitches and problems. I'm not willing to take the risk not to mention Bandai is soft banning user profiles found with these genes. As a toddler he kinda reminded me of coffee grounds with the light brow color and the brown pom poms on his head. I get the weirdest colors I swear. I changed his color to purple. Now I'm raising his daughter, no idea why she has dark blue Mametchi ears and a cheeto orange body.
  12. So when I got my ON I noticed in the connection icon that it lists "Tamagotchi", "Download" and "App" as connection functions. Tamagotchi is to connect with another Tama, App is for any interactions with the ON App, but then there's Download. I assume this is how Meets interact with the Meets stations over in Japan because that's the only other connection there could be. So I figured Bandai had something in mind for the west, either with our own ON Stations or something else. After all why keep a feature in the unit that users have access to if it wasn't something that was going to be in use. If it wasn't going to be used Bandai would have removed the feature or prevent access to it by removing it from the connection icon menu if removing the feature overall would glitch the programing. That's why with video games there are test rooms and text textures and stuff still there, because removing them would glitch or severely break the game. And Tama Palace showed this a while back: Bandai had something planned but it fell through and theirs a chance their working on something else. I think we could get our own versions of the stations like Japan, who knows stores might be willing to set aside shelve space if it means an intensive to get people into physical stores after the internet has made less reason to go to physical stores. I'm not saying they have to be the same size as their Japanese counter parts. Maybe you could use your phone in connection to the unit with bluetooth to download stuff from certain areas via Bandai's website. Like go to a major spot (Like Times Square for example since Tokyo has a station), open your phone and go to Bandai's Tamagotchi page were there would be a special button to interact with, put your Tama in front of the phone and select download on your Tama after taping the button on your phone on the webpage? I'm not the most well versed in this stuff so I'm now sure how it would work out if this is possible or not.
  13. My girls turned out interesting as adults. Get ready for a long post because this covers two generations on my ON due to not having time to really post pics to my log. The little ladies as teens, I like to think the red hearts are pizza sauce because of their mom instead of red paint. The girls as adults, its interesting to see what the kids look like when they don't have a parents hat or something and you can see what's under it. Kinda looks like a boiled egg with ketchup. Wedding with Korobatchi because I was curious and wanted to see if I could get his wings to show up on my next generation. Their little boy Koumoritchi (Koumori means bat in Japanese). The little guy as a child. As a teen when I went to pick him up at his parents. Never saw this one, I wonder if the scenes of picking your Tama up from their parents house changes with the seasons too. And Koumori as an adult! Haven't decided on who to marry him to yet.
  14. Part of me wishes there was stuff for other holidays. Hanabi (Cherry Blossom Viewing) being one of them since the west even celebrates this. Some gardens in America have Cherry Blossom Viewing where people come and have a picnic and look at the trees and hang out and some even have Japanese cherry blossom trees! Only thing is you can't drink because drinking in public is illegal in America unlike Japan. You could have a little cherry tree in the house or have a cherry tree appear outside in the yard. Or go to the Park and see a scene of Cherry Blossom Viewing and get a special spring dumpling or some other traditional Hanabi food.
  15. I don't think it being themed around Japanese sweets will stop it from being released in the west. More and more they aren't bothering to change foods and culture differences. In the ON there is Udon, a DIY Soba set, rice bowls, Rice Omelets, a revolving sushi bar game and a marriageable Tama themed after Cucumber Rolls and Kappas and a Marriable Tama themed after mochi and the old Japanese myth of rabbits living on the moon making mochi. Not to mention there's the tradition of New Years money complete with the envelope its given in when you go to your Tama's parents house on New Years Day (Your Tama's parents give you 1,000 gotchi points as do their grandparents if its beyond gen 2 ). plus the decorations for New Years, Girls Day, Boys Day and Tanabata three of those which are not western holidays. I big issue I feel stopping this from coming to the west is the same for the sanrio, fantasy, pastel and remaining fairy and magic meets colors being released here: How the sales of the ones already released in the west do.