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    Video Games, Anime, Manga, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Tamagotchi and other virtual pets.

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    Green Magical Tamagotchi ON

    Pink Fairy Tamagotchi ON

    Purple Magical Tamagotchi ON

    White Tama-go

    Tamagotchi V6 Music Star (Black with grey headphones)

    Tamagotchi V5 Familitchi (Red with a jewel pattern)

    Tamagotchi V4 (Blue with white waves)

    Tamagotchi Connection V3 (Light Blue with black and blue camofloge)

    Tamagotchi Connection (Pink with Hearts)

    Tamagotchi Connection (Purple with circles)

    Tamagotchi Connection V2 (Tropical Version, blue with flowers)

    Tamagotchi Connection V2 (Sweet Candy version, red with jelly beans)

    Angelgotchi (Pink and Silver)

    Original Tamagotchi bought in the 90's (Purple with pink swirls)

    Many none Tamagotchi Virtual Pets such as Nano Baby, Talking Nano Puppy, three 4 in 1 Pets which are red, blue and white, a shell shaped Little Mermaid one where you care for a fish or other sea creature, Giga Kitty.

    My very first virtual pet was not a Tamagotchi but a Dinkie Dino that was white with red buttons. At the time I was very new to the virutal pets and couldn't tell a Tamagotchi from a cousin. But it still holds fond memories for me playing with it in second grade all those years ago.

    I also own the Tamagotchi Gameboy Color game and still play it from time to time
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    Green Magical Tamagotchi ON
    Pink Fairy Tamagotchi ON

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