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  1. Another late log due to being busy. So here are picks of the boys as they grew up! Them as teenagers! And them as adults! Why one of them turned out green I have no idea. I don't understand how color works at all with offspring I chose Kamitchi to marry and here he is with his wife and another set of twins! Again I maxed the happiness so I'm sure at this point that it does indeed affect getting twins. And how they look now after growing to their child stage:
  2. I've been very careful with who I marry my Tama with due to MyMeets users being soft banned from the app due to problems they can cause. I heard there are certain character genes that can set of glitches. Can anyone tell me what character traits or a list of them to look for before I accept proposals? Because if a Tama has any of those genes even if they themselves never used the MyMeets app Bandai will ban the account thinking they used the app.
  3. I married Keshoutchi off! Before I did I had the happiness bar maxed out and it resulted in another set of twins! Boys this time for my 8th generation! The purple twin is Kumitchi which means "pair" or "a group" in Japanese and Kamitchi comes from the Japanese word for paper. Thought it would mix with the magical appearnece their parents make, their mom riding on a broom and their dad is the child of Nijifuwatchi and Unipegasatchi. I wonder where that red color came from though. There's no red in either side of the family.
  4. So its been a while. So the girls while they were still in their child stage got a cute pet! I love the fluffy squirrel Tamapet. The two also switched colors again when they grew into teens. I wonder why Kushitchi has a red cape, I would say Kuromametchi's genes coming through but Kuromametchi's bandana is purplish pink not red. And I learned that the head or hairstyle isn't set in stone once Tama's grow into their child stages! Kushitchi got her dads hair style even though she had her moms all the way into her teens. Makes me feel other stuff isn't set in stone for traits passed down. I'll be maxing their happiness to see if I get twins again to see if this does have an effect on it. This could have just been a lucky break or coincidence the first time I max happiness I get twins so I want to test it further. I don't expect maxing happiness to guarantee twins though, just boost the chances of getting them a little higher.
  5. I just made a new world and still building my place up. I leave digging my mine to farm some stuff and throw any un needed stuff in my composer when I see this from the mountain my house is behind: If you can't tell its a Pillager Patrol staring at me, and it never fails to make my heart skip a beat because they just SHOW UP OUT OF THIN AIR! Like go away you weirdos I'm trying to farm and get the second story of my house built. Go pick some berries from bunch growing over the hill!
  6. Annnnnnddddd Kurotchi got married today! With his happiness at full, and it only took me leaving him in the app and feeding him sweets. Seriously though put your Tama in the app and leave it there it will register you as playing with them for however long you leave them for and raise their happiness. And I think the maxed happiness worked! Because I got my first set of twins! Everyone please meet my 7th generation Tama's and my first set of twins, Keshoutchi and Kushitchi! Keshoutchi is the yellow one and the older twin while Kushitchi is the gray one. Also their names are themed after their mom. Coffretchi's name comes from the Japanese word for a makeup box. Keshou means makeup and Kushi means comb, two things you'd see at a salon. I'm going to make the happiness out again with these two and see if I get twins again. In the mean time I wonder what they'll look like as adults. EDIT: When they grew to their child stage they switched colors. So Keshoutchi turned from yellow to gray and Kushitchi turned from gray to yellow. I noticed this when they switched places in the profile screen, family photo and family tree screens. Also on another note I had to change the batteries for the first time shortly after they were born. I got my Tama on July 22 and has of writing this it is August 10th. I've been playing with it with the brightness turned down to the lowest setting and played with it regularly. I had non-rechargeable Duracell AAA batteries in it.
  7. Been busy so I wasn't able to update this log as often. But Kurotchi is now a full grown adult after looking almost identical to his mom as a teenager. I heard that maxing the Happiness bar can increase the chance for twins. I haven't made that a priority since keeping it high enough that they weren't hiding in the corner was what I usually did when it came to happiness levels. Since its been 5 generations without any twins (You can't get twins in the 1st generation) I'm willing to see if this works for this generation and others after it. I know 5 generations isn't a lot, but some users have gotten twins one after another right after their generation 1 Tama. So here was his happiness bar when he finally went to bed: I plan to continue maxing it out today. It seems playing with other Tama's at locations with that Tama's favorite item increases happiness even more. I also picked who to marry him to! Coffretchi! They had fun playing with the vanity the other day. But I ended up getting Memetchi to full red level too since I ran into her a lot and she and Coffretchi have the same favorite item. I'm going to have to be careful when I go to marry to make sure Memetchi doesn't propose and I'm not paying attention to say no fast enough. If a Tama proposes and you don't say no your automatically married to them I hear. So need to be paying attention to that when I go to the Salon to have Coffretchi propose to my Tama.
  8. Today the tree at Tama Farm produced fruit! It was cherries but Ringotchi took all but one. I wonder what other fruit can be grown. Also I saw Memetchi at the Salon location for the first time. I was there buying up food for when I married Mahoutchi later. But I noticed something really weird, while she was talking there were grammatical errors and before I could read them well enough to transcribe they quickly scrolled off even though I didn't have my fingers on any buttons, it was like the texts scrolling speed was turned up for a second. For Mahoutchi I married on the App. Something I didn't noticed until now if you tap a Tama and bring up their profile, if the Tama is the opposite gender of yours and is an Adult the option "Propose" comes up and you can try to propose to them, I did it with Mahou's husband and he said yes! Mahou's husband is part of a pair of twins born from breeding Kuromametchi and Majoritchi which is weird. Kuromametchi is a gen 1 Tama and you can't unlock Magic Land until gen 3. Maybe its a bot Tama? I'm not sure. But it is weird to see Majoritchi on both sides of the tree. It looks like I picked the right name too! Since Kurotchi turned gray or black as a child, he was purple as a baby. Probably a result of Kuromametchi's genes. Still retaining that starry afro too. I really babied this little guy since I couldn't pay much attention to his mom as a baby because something came up a little after she was born.
  9. This is probably my favorite teen so far. She looks like a little star child. Her wings are interesting though. In other generations they LOOKED like wings, here they look like their folding out like a cape. Her form is also the third best character you can get. As a child she got the worst form because I wasn’t able to pay attention when she was a baby. I thought I’d have the whole day to handle a baby Tama but then I had to take care of something. I’m wondering how much Majoritchi’s genes will affect her appearance as an adult. I got the tree you can grow at Tama Farm up to almost full growth. Tomorrow I’ll see what happens I wonder if this is a way to get some special item or prize. Edit: Just noticed her “wings” ARE a cape! Her wings from her child form morphed into a cape which is from Majoritchi. If you look at Majoritchi closely you can see she has a purple cape on. Mahoutchi (My Tama in the picture) just has a blue one instead.
  10. In the Tamagotchi Meets Nowtama Osewa Guide there's this cute comic with Majoritchi and Fairytchi. I was wondering if there was a translation (fan or official) somewhere.
  11. Suiseitchi became an adult and he ended up with his dad's hair and face and his mom's body and head shape. Interestingly his body turned to his mom's color despite only being purple as a baby and his wings that as a teen were purple turned blue. I married him to Majoritchi like I planned. i find it interesting that Majoritchi took her witches hat off after she got married. Also take a good look at her parents in the family picture. Her and Fairytchi (The Fairy themed Tama found in Fairy Land in the Fairy version of the Meets and ON) are twin sisters according to canon which you can easily tell by looking at Majoritchi's parents. Looks like Majoritchi took after their dad and Fairytchi took after their mom. Also Its crazy how often I ran into every other Tama BUT Majoritchi, both while courting AND trying to run into her to have her propose. As you can see they had a baby girl! She's got her dad's color for now even as a child which stinks because it seems like that body part doesn't change once its there at their child stage. Maybe I'll go on the app and marry a Tama that also came from breeding with Majoritchi. I also think it stinks that you can't marry this cutie: I hope she's a special guest in the app at some point.
  12. Suiseitchi became a teen today! He has his mom's purple wings. I'm really interested in how he'll look when he's full grown. Will he look more like dad or mom? Or a good even blend of both given dad's hair and coloring and having mom's purple wings. Majoritchi is at full red relationship level so I can marry Suiseitchi once he's an adult.
  13. An older version of Tama Town actually had buildings where you visited your current Tama's parents and grandparents along with buildings to buy different kinds of foods and items and play games.
  14. I changed Tsukasatchi's color to purple! I also found out her favorite toy is the VR Game and her favorite food is the Bento WOW. I also married her off today to Kimenanizatchi and they had a baby boy! Say hello to my Generation 4 Tamagotchi who I named Suiseitchi (Suisei Comet in Japanese, thought it was appropriate since his dad has such a space theme) And he's also a child now and has his dad's hair and color. But who knows if he'll keep this look as he gets older. He went from purple as a baby to blue as a child. I'm really interested in what he looks like as he gets older. I plan to marry him to Majoritchi (The witch themed Tama in Magic Land)
  15. Tsukasatchi has become an adult! Her growth wasn't the best seeing as she had mostly bad care growth forms due to me being really busy during the last few days. She kept the wings into her adult form. She looks like her mom but with green wings. Also I decided on who to marry her to. Her husband to be is Kimenanizatchi! I bought one of his favorite items and raised her relationship up to the red heart level. First I want to change Tsukasatchi's color though. I wanted to try that color changing magic candy drops can turn your Tama purple after eating them, and changing their color as an adult is permanent and affects genetics. I'm really hoping she and Kimenanizatchi have my very first pair of twins. I was hoping for twins with Mametchi and Lovelitchi (My first generation) but no go. And before I forget I found out something. You really can only hold 3 of each item. Say you have 3 Ice Creams, if you go to buy a 4th Ice Cream your money will be spent on the Ice Cream but it won't be added as a 4th Ice Cream you'll still only have 3. So when your buying multiple of one item make sure you pay attention to how many of the item you have already or you'll waste gotchi points.
  16. I’d like to see the cafe put into use. Like a cake decorating game or a sweets matching game. There’s a building under construction too and I wonder if that’s decorative or it’s a possible new feature that hasn’t been added. Maybe it can be something just for none adult Tamagotchi since the dating game is for adults only? Like a Kids Palace with something that you can move your Tama through an obstacle course and the faster you complete it the better the prize? I also wish that along with a new visitor every month we got new prizes for winning the restaurant and fruits catching game. Also I wish we could transfer gotchi points we won without needing an item. It’s annoying that we need to have a item to transfer in order to get the option to transfer gotchi points too.
  17. Tsukasatchi is a teenager now! Looks like she has her dads wings, but I wonder why their green. The only thing I can think of as a reason her wings are green is because of Gozarutchi. Tsukasatchi's father is one of a pair of twins that were made when the user bred Gozarutchi and Chuchurinatchi (You can easily tell looking at Tsukasatchi's father in the previous picture, her dad's twin looks more like Chuchurinatchi), and Gozarutchi has a GREEN bag. So I'm guessing the wings came from Tsukasatchi's dad, their COLOR came from her grandfather on her dad's side and her color is from her mom's side as well as her ears (Lovelitichi's ears going strong for two generations now!) I also unlocked Magic Town. I plan to try some of the items in the shops, maybe the purple color changing bottle, there's also another magic bottle that I'm curious as to what its for.
  18. My Tama became an adult today! Here is a picture of her enjoying some juice! It looks like she got Mametchi's body, head and yellow color but Lovelitchi's ears and eyes at the end of finishing her growing. After that I waited until 7:00 and put the little drum on her and opened Toy Palace, I think that's what it was I wasn't paying attention when it unlocked and didn't go there because I got busy with something I had to do for work that me and my co-workers are working on and something came up. But then I used the app and decided to give the dating game a try, and Futabatchi is now happily married! And here is her daughter! Let me introduce Tsukasatchi! Who had her mom's yellow color as a baby up seems to have picked up her dads coloring after growing into a child. I'm curious as to what she'll look like as an adult. Looks like Lovelitchi's ears are to possibly stay for the third generation. I do hope Tsukasatchi gets her dad's wings. The other thing is her dad is a twin I think. I saw that Tama walking around with their twin in the park area of the app. Was kind of hoping twins were genetic and would make it to where I got twins. No such luck. Well, here goes Generation 3!
  19. I own a green Magical Tamagotchi ON and when the app came out yesterday I noticed a lot of users with Tama's that had Sanrio genetics and genetics from characters from the Pastel. Would marrying Tama's through the app with these genetics cause my ON to malfunction?
  20. My Tama got a pet today, the little hermit crab one. It then a little after bred with another pet. What happens is after playing with your pet a few times in the yard another pet will show up and it asks if you want to marry them. I found out on a YouTube video that if you press the C button instead of selecting yes or no or any other button it returns you to your Tama's room and when you go to the yard again a different pet to marry them too shows up. I didn't get many pics of the app but I did snap a screenshot of something I was hoping they'd add: In the VERY back you can see the Gotchi King. It kind of makes me wish they had made the castle and allowed us to play a few games with the royal family. Like cake decorating with Princess Tamako and Princess Tamakoko or maybe a matching game with the Gotchi Queen. Maybe one of the royal family members like the Princesses will be a special monthly visitor. Here's hoping I really would like Bandai to put less used characters like the Tamagotchi Royal Family as well as Professor Banzo and Mikachu to use. Maybe have Banzo and Mikachu show up for a special limited challenge or something?
  21. I was wondering that too. I mean I can read some of the Japanese but most of it is translated into English already. I'm curious about the download part of the connection icon that isn't in the app's menu. We don't have stations like Japan for special downloadable items so I wonder what they plan to use it for. After all why translate it and keep if instead of remove it unless they have something planned for the future.
  22. I searched for it on the Apple App Store and it came up and I downloaded it.
  23. I got Mametchi as my first generation and married him to Lovelitchi. Their now listed as family and do not show up at the Tama Hotel. Are they now permanently removed as marriage candidates? Or are they unavailable for a certain amount of generations? I heard that 999 generations can be saved on the unit before its starts deleting older generations. Am I going to have to wait until generation 1000 before I can marry Mametchi or Lovelitchi to another Tama I raised? And if their permanently gone from those locations once married, does that mean if I marry each generation I raise to each of the Tama's available in the locations for marriage they turn into ghosts towns with only unmarriageable Tama's there?
  24. I'm working on opening the new locations you can unlock after reaching generation 2. First one is the salon which you need to change the Tama's color twice and it can be in different generations. that the color changes happen. The thing that stinks is you HAVE to wait for their hunger to go down, even if your choosing a color you can get by feeding snacks (ice cream for white) despite the baby cookie and gelatin being something you can feed them despite being full. I had her eat 5 rice omelets to turn her orange. I plan to feed her ice cream to turn her white. I have to be careful when she's an adult though, changing the color as an adult is permanent instead of wearing off within 24 hours like a child or teen or reverting back to normal when they grow to the next stage. I had Futaba stay at her parents house while I was out for an hour. She was reading a book when I got back. She also grew into her teen stage today as well. Don't be tricked by the eyes, that form has eyes that look like that so its not Mametchi's looking coming through. She still has Mametchi's color (though lighter shade of it) and Lovelitchi's ears. I think she'll be an adult by tomorrow, not sure.
  25. Will keep this updated on how she does so don't worry. I already got two Tama boys in mind for her to woe.