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  1. Darling by Eyes Set To Kill. Best song ever.
  2. i figured it out! [just reed the postz above]
  3. So do I. I used to cut myself because I actually had massive issues at home and at school (but i dont anymore) As soon as I told people that I cut myself, they autimatically called me emo. And I wasnt, because, although I cried a lot (not in public), I did not wear all black or gray every single day. I shop at Aeropostale, and wear black ocasionally. I dont shop at hot topic, but i love the "shade" black. I dont cut myself anymore, and most of my problemz are solved. Yet, people still acuse me of being "emo" and I deny that. Just the other day, I was wearing black from head to toe, and this kid came up to me. He said, "Are you emo, or goth?" I just looked at him, and said, "Neither. I am ME. Got a problem? If so, consult your mom. If that doesnt work, just suck it up." If its not just me, I absolutely, positively HATE it when people give me labels such as "emo", "punk", or "goth". I am ME, Sania Kamran. I am ONE OF A KIND. Dont be hatin' on me just cause I'm different and your, well, not.
  4. i think u hav 2 go 2 the 6th item 4 disipline. if tht doesnt work, well then idk, cuz i dnt hav a v4.5
  5. Why cant I pause my tamagotchi v5?!?!?!
  6. What job does your tama have if it has the book icon? (on V4 I forgot to mention) I lost my manual, and was wondering if anyone could help. Thank you.
  7. There's this cute boy that likes me, and I like him, but he's not my boyfriend cuz I never go out with him, but I guess you could say we're "admirers".
  8. Z 100 (100.3), Power 1051 (105.1), Hot 97 (97.1)
  9. I love her music! Did you hear Umbrella? That has reatarded lyrics (no offence to y'all who like it), but I like the music and bass. Overall, she's da bomb! (I LOOOOOOVE Break It Off featuring mah boi Sean Paul!!!! S.P. is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot~)
  10. Rap and Hip-Hop Yeah, as you can tell, I am VERY ghetto.
  11. YEAH! I'm in fifth grade, and I'm going out with a fourth grade midget. Well, he's not actually my boyfriend. We're just in love with each other.
  12. Yeah, so many people think that the passwords would work for other usernames. Sadly, they are wrong.