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  1. hi im sorry but thats not the right place try "help for new tama members" i like your avar i think u just have to take very good care of him/her
  2. my tamagotchis sound is very loud because my back is off but i know that there is no coads for volume, most likly it is running out of battery normaly they last longer it must of been a dud
  3. ellen

    the last egg

    seth was her only friend
  4. i love all tama charters espically mascmchi
  5. sally was very upset and come very close to dieing but then a well manered maskametchi found her, took her to his house then nursed her back to health. sam(the maskatchi) fell in love with sally but kept his feelings to hinself. sally was a mimitchi and he was, well he was poor, it would never yoor they were to, well to different.
  6. ellen

    the last egg

    um, well, chibi you seem like a nice person in all but..... well you look wierd!!
  7. ellen


    yes today i got an mimitchi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. bo bo and zim went to tamachurch and when bo bo went to the toilet he got his head stuck down it!
  9. please help me my baby has been here for 6 days! i know some people like having there audlts longer but there is nothing to do, and i have got all the gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. she started cruing "mummy mummy"i'm scared" the reastrunt well that was nice lets go back to my house?
  11. ellen

    the last egg

    chibi though seth was really cute and said" where do you live?
  12. ellen

    the last egg

    on planet tamagotchi where the matchmaker lived there was 20 eggs eack egg was pearl white and round, exsept one aand that egg was different and all the people didn't want her but unlike all the other eggs that needed to be sat on to hatch this one hatched by it's self and the matchmakersaid "you can't stay here when you are a toddler you will have to find your own home.......
  13. a little baby girl crying under a tree because her mother had abandond her
  14. it is a young mimitchi teen (you get them on v2)
  15. that is just sick loads of boys tell me and my friends to kill them but we don't (and i hope no oneelse trys this) girl 13