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  1. hi im sorry but thats not the right place try "help for new tama members" i like your avar i think u just have to take very good care of him/her
  2. ellen

    Control Sound Volume?

    my tamagotchis sound is very loud because my back is off but i know that there is no coads for volume, most likly it is running out of battery normaly they last longer it must of been a dud
  3. i love all tama charters espically mascmchi
  4. ellen


    yes today i got an mimitchi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. please help me my baby has been here for 6 days! i know some people like having there audlts longer but there is nothing to do, and i have got all the gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ellen

    Tamagotchi Evolved???

    it is a young mimitchi teen (you get them on v2)
  7. ellen

    Tamagotchi Cruelty

    that is just sick loads of boys tell me and my friends to kill them but we don't (and i hope no oneelse trys this) girl 13
  8. ellen

    new group hatiching for all genders

    i am sorry but i just got a mimtchi and i really dont to reset him sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  9. i would like to join but i have all ready made one for a different day sorry!!!!
  10. ellen

    Scooby Doo group Hatching!!!!!!!!

    i am sorry but aren't you a little bit old for that?
  11. when you want a girl press b when her book is closed when you want a boy press b when her book is closed i mean the book she is holding
  12. ellen

    new group hatiching for all genders

    sorry could it be on wednesday the 27th would like any one who is intersted online at 4:15 thanks
  13. ellen

    i have a weirid looking tama

    tamagotchi166 they r stillmaking a v2 groth chart dont worry my friend has that one
  14. ellen

    new group hatiching for all genders

    a group hatching is when you all restart your tama at the same time
  15. ellen


    tama freak, that is sexes