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  1. All of my friends know about it and they laugh at me, but at the end of the day, it's all good. It's just one of my quirks, and they have theirs too.
  2. Every other tama I've had before the music star has been m/d. I got my music star very recently and it's the first one that has been d/m. I got so confused xD
  3. Check your games. The V5 celebtchi has the games Tama Fans, Pool Play, Tennis, and Safe Box. If it has different games, then it is the normal V5. Try that link if it is a celebtchi.
  4. The matchmaker does come when your tamagotchi is 5. If it only adds one pound after eating a snack, then your health fortune is three stars. Did you did poorly on the game? If so, then you will not lose weight.
  5. if it won't hatch after a really long time, press B and see if you can select download. This is what happens when you reset it.
  6. The clear V3's were pretty cool. I have a black one.
  7. moonshnii


    I have a Cloud Xweetok (Siilfarion), a Starry Gelert (skippy_whippy_april), a Christmas Pteri (wittlepteriinla), and a Electric Pteri (yumicodelyoko). Well I'm currently zapping Yumi so she might change around a lot >.<.
  8. I like Pteris the most but I couldn't find that so I chose Uni ;o Ristar ~ Some people find good friends through that site, boosting their confidence, and happiness levels. How can you say it won't benefit you in real life?
  9. Tamagotchi's Name: Grape and Fruit Tamagotchi's Age: 7 Date of Birth: 4-1-06 Date of Passing: 4-8-06 What Generation? Both 2 Your Comments: Born at practically the same time, 'died' at same time. They were girl and boy... married.
  10. I'm in middle school, any tamagotchis are immediatly confiscated if seen... so what I do is put all of them in my pocket, and kind of look into the pocket while keeping it in there... and I say, "I'm looking for a pen in my jungle of a pocket..." (throw out a disgusting piece of junk... teacher will leave you alone...)
  11. Black has gone to home planet! I visited the king yesterday, and he gave me a ring! I already entered a code, I have a cell phone now! I'm expecting Red to go back in an hour or so. === Black-Name: Apple; User: Emily; Gender: Boy; Teletchi (Boy); 0 years; 0 training; 2nd generation. Red-Name: to be decided!
  12. Try to enter it again ^^! It worked for me. Edit: Oh, wow there is not a lot of under construction things!
  13. I think it's helpful for getting things quickly when you want them. And as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day, but the built parts were beautiful and/or useful.