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  1. YAY!! horay!!! lucky packet eh? well done! if i ever got a code on a trading card id give it away though, but in ur case good job!
  2. wow, i now was diggin through ebay for a while, my faves r the amy,cream,tails and chao plushies!
  3. oh thanx ill change my avvie in a while
  4. You forgot LOL, better get the kit P.s where do you get your avatar
  5. sigh my mom dosent take my shopping much,,, only 2!!!
  6. if u go can u tell us what its about? also tell me 'bout japan going there is one of my life dreams *huge cutesy eyes*
  7. there the revolutionary techy toy with a twist heres an idea Ub funkeys= Funkey= FUN KEY
  8. WHOO HAPPY B-day to the best tama community on earth
  9. Everyone killed the metarex and sonic and amy had a kid named Mika the
  10. yeah mabye next webbie she can use her caount instead of mine! that willl be the day!
  11. Sure!!! thanx! =D my lil sis over stuffed her webbies room (we share accounts)
  12. If you can, can you donate anything you dont need? something (MY FOUR YEAR OLD SIS) Must have wasted my kinz cash ill promised ill try to pay u back later ! You dont have to if you dont want to.