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  1. um does that mean if i donate 20000 dollers ill be the kings friend?..wait wut do u mean by that,....will he come and viste or something like that??
  2. well, i have two v4 tamagotchis. 1 has gotten a job already and the other 1 hasnt. they r both the same age and my 1 is a hair dresser...wut do i gotta do to make my other 1 get a job? please help thankyou. ~~cheypie987~~
  3. whoa really ?...i thought the sale means everything is have price..shouldnt the ufo be 25000?
  4. thank you. does it give u like souveners or prizes after u viseted the places?
  5. hmm mine did that b4 but that waz b.c i droped it
  6. oh thats wut i thought it waz like..i thought it waz like the i spend 50000 dollers on nuttin i guess
  7. some 1 plz answer i need help
  8. i just bought a ufo and i cant use it yet because my tamas only a teen but i waz wondering wut does it do?
  9. im sooooooooo sorry and i will never do it again i just wanted to make a really good topic