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  1. ok. thanks :]. and nice avatar mcrfreak ;]
  2. Hmm... how's this?? I stopped the bar and it was FULL but i... lost!!??? but the bar was entirely full!!
  3. oh, never mind. I just figured it out. :] and im good at it :]
  4. hey I have a question. How do u play bump?? Sometimes that meter appears and sometimes it doesn't. and i ALWAYS lose :[
  5. OK I made a site. Its actually a site of The Sims 2 since i started playing it and got addicted. And I would really like some more people to join. And right now i have about 6 registered people but I need more people. Here's the link: *Link removed by GK1* Advertising of personal websites is no longer allowed on TamaTalk.
  6. Whats the point of passports. I tried to click on them but nothing happens.
  7. That may be hard bcuz if u want a specific character, then it depends on how u raise it. Example: if you raise a tama that is mostly of its time or always getting in trouble, then u will get a troublesome tamagotchi. So u better learn if the tama u want (the ) if good, bad, so-so, always hungry, etc. and try doing that when u receive ur baby tama. Hope I helped! =)
  8. Thats not true. Ur tama parets will leave after 24 hrs.. Hope I helped! =)
  9. yeah i agree like heres anothr example: If u tama is always getting in trouble, then u might get a tama that is troublesome. Hope I helped!
  10. I dunno, becuase evrytime i choose low bandwidth, everything freezes and theres no music (but i could still move to places), but when i chose high bandwidth, everything was fine, w/ music, non-freeze.
  11. Plz cocoalove, keep other comments like " How old are you? I'm new, maybe we can be friends" and PM it to the person you want to talk to
  12. Yes, i agree to, but all we can do is... we need to be patience (dont worry, time flys quickly, and time will fly even quicker if you're having fun! )
  13. I'm posting this topic because I've noticed a lot of ppl asking things on Tamatown are wrong. U may experience weird things in Tamatown because when u enter tamatown and it tells u to select ur bandwidth, if u chose low bandwidth, then that may/is the reason. So... choose high bandwidth when u eneter and dont worry, nothing bad will happen to ur computer, it won't freeze, etc. (believe me, I've tried this before) If you still experiencing this error, then I'm really sorry, i don't know what to do with that error. Hope I helped!