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    I love tamas,I can help you if you need help,if you are un-happy your money back on the spot:)<br>I like nice people,AND IF YOU SEY MEAN THINGS TO ME I WILL GET MAD!!!

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  1. help meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
  2. hoiw do i put up a TekTek avi
  3. i have my friend's tama and it is 9 and the match-maker has not come once
  4. i have a "friend" that stoll my tama and when i asked her if she saw it sh said what the hell is just a waist of money i got peeved of at her and she gave it was funny all the people who liked tamas were on my side and the others on hers.
  5. my mom just won one and i want to know
  6. 'cause my mom is going to bid on ebay!
  7. when they got home they made love and sudenly their dauter came in...
  8. i i j-just thought w-we have b-bin t-t-t-together so long we should i-i know it is kind of wierd for a girl to pr-prapose but i lo-love you so much, so so will you marry me? he said yes yes i will! that night they made love and in the morning she had a tama egg!
  9. what the heck was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. what the heck was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!