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    I have many interests. My favorite subjects in school are math, spelling, science, and history. I also LOVE reading. Not the reading subject in school, but reading a book. I read at night and I tell people that I leave at night. They say where do you go. I say into a book. I also llllooooovvvve to jump rope. I am extemely good. I know all kinds of tricks. My favorite TV channels are Disney Channel. I LOVE DISNEY CHANNEL!!!!! I love High School Musical. My two best friends and I went to see them live!!!! Eeeeeekkkk!!!!! My throat hurt a week for screaming! LOL! One of my favorite places to go is my best friends house. I go every other weekend. I am her half sister because one time I accidently called her mom Mama. LOL!! Then I replied to her house as home. And I call her things my things.<br> But one of my most favorite things are TAMAGOTCHIS!!!!! I LOVE those little guys I take them every where with me!!!!!

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  1. I agree that it would be better in stuff we read too. I wasn't thinking about it at the moment. SORRY! No, it is not a club. You don't have to be a member. This is just a place where girls and guys can put together a list and read!
  2. Um I don't get it. I am a girl, but not all girls are skinny and girls are strong and boys can do anything girls can do and girls can do anything boys can do!
  3. Hello! I just got this great idea for a book club. I named it a Teen Book Club becuase I thought most girls and guys on Tamatalk were at least 13 of age. If your not, that's ok! I will make an extra reccomended book list just for you, but you will have to tell me! Ok now, before we get started I want to introduce myself! My name is Hannah! You also may know me as TamagotchiKnowItAll! I am a teen who lves to read! LOVE IT! I just love realistic fiction and sappy books! Right now I am working on the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. I just got done with ttyl, ttfn, and l8r g8r. Might I say BRAVA Lauren Myracle, BRAVA! Here are some books I reccomend. Please let me know of anyother changes! Fell free to tell me because after we all have been satisfied with the list we can begen to read! So here ya go! 1. ttyl 2. ttfn 3. l8r g8r 4. Sisterhood series 5. Harry Potter series 6. The Big Book of Girl Stuff 7. Esperanza Risings 8. The Cat Ate My Gymsuit 9. Alison In Wonderland 10. Through the Looking Glass I know 9 and 10! I'm a sucker for the classics! Ok so anymore reccomendations! Tell me if you don't like the books I have on there! Don't be shy! Ok so come on! Let's have some fun READING! P.S. I am not sure if there is a forum like this. If there is, SORRY! Really I am. If this is not allowed sorry again!
  4. Thanks for all of your advice! I think I have kindapulled myself together this weekend. We started school last week and I think I was just over whelmed with new couples and new flames. You know what I mean? I think I'll be able to gain self control this week and will be sure to keed you all updated with what happens Monday (tommarow)
  5. Well he didn't talk to me today. And you see, I CAN'T talk to him! We live in 2 different worlds! I'm NOT popular and he IS! Also, today everything I heard or talked about reminded me of him, me liking him, and just that stuff. One time and English we were talking about capitalization, CAPITALIZATION! And it reminded me of him! Oh and I have news! This other cute guy talked to me! He holds the door open for me and lets me go first through the door before barging through. He IS cute too. I keep getting own to myself everythime I think HMMMMM.... Matbe I like him more. NO ONE could replace my guy! BUT, my guy doesn't even hold the door open for me, much less let me go through the door first. Trust me after two years I know him inside and out everyday I watch him and learn little by little. My guy is one year older the other guy is one year younger. He is nice sweet and I think he is supposed to be in my grade, but he likes my bff! And the only reason he talked to me is to see where she was. But the way he talked to me with respect and like in a nice way! IDK, well gottago. Talk later!
  6. I know this sounds dorky,but I am here to tell my story. Nothing but my story. Ok so the first day of school was Tuesday. I thought I might be over my crush but then, I saw his face. It was smiling shining with independence! Never did he look at me, but I don't care at all. He is one of the most amazing people I know! His eyes are gorgeous and his smile gleams and his hair, OH HIS HAIR! It is so beautiful. Ok so the thing is he doesn't talk to me ar anything. I can't even believe I like him so much. I even cried because I knew I had no chance with him. I have liked him faithfully for 2 years. I can count on 1 hand how many times he talked to me and I remeber them like the back of my hand. I can't believe I cried! That is so not me! The thing is, is that I've never felt this strong about ANYONE! And I don't know, I just kinda maybe think I love him.................. This is a feeling I can't deny! I just can't deny it!
  7. OMG It is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Oh my gosh so do I he is awesome! I am 12 but LOVE him! Whats an aardvark? I thought he was a bear....
  9. I think there should be built in light like on a gameboy! Playing in the dark!?!?! HOW AWESOME!
  10. Ok so a long time ago I debugged my Tamagotchi Version 1. I put a battery in the other day because I haven't seen it in a while. I reset it and went through the characters to choose from. I have memorized the characters on a V1 nad I found some that are not on any character charts online! There was a hamburger dude three little rectangles and a bunch of squiggley jumbles! Is it my Tamagotchi?? Or is it normal? If so why hasn't anyone stated it quite often?!?
  11. On the v5 to pause you would go down to tv and click travel show the when it comes up click go when your in travel your tama's growth stops and eveything else and this acts like a pause from previous versions!
  12. I got a v5 today and i have no clue wat to do! Where do I enter it online?
  13. Uh I am a new owner and i have a question how do i put it online bc theres no where to put it on tamagotchi.com!?!??!