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  1. Hiyayatchi looks like a sugarcube :-p

    1. Igel-Fullmetal


      She is actually a cube of tofu.

  2. Running my 4U now with my fat Kuchipatchi, lol. Thinking of marrying him off today or tomorrow.
  3. I remember the day in 1996 when I got my first Tamagotchi like it was yesterday. I was 9 years old and my mother drove me to Intertoys (Dutch toy store). All the way there I was bouncing in my seat thinking of a name for my Tamagotchi and what shell I would get. I got this one: I remember starting it up right there in the car. My friend who came over with her Tamagotchi and together we build a house for our Tama's from cardboard shoeboxes. we made small beds and tv sets. It was one of the happiest times in my childhood. But eventually I lost my Tamagotchi and moved on to other toys/stuff. Then, years later, when the Connections came, my love for the Tamagotchi's came flooding back and I bought three. From then on: I kept buying any Tamagotchi that came out and caught my fancy. I love the surprise element (if you don't check growth charts) of what character you'll get and I love "being needed". I'm at a age where I'd love to have children, but my life isn't ready for it yet (don't live with my boyfriend yet and getting pregnant will probably be hard with the auto-immune disease I have). I guess Tamagotchi's give me a opportunity to express those maternal instincts .
  4. Just ordered a TMGC+ Color! So excited!

  5. Still loving my Kuchipatchi :) He's still my favorite character after all these years. He just makes me happy and laugh at his sillyness/fatness/ Lol

  6. A lot of the time I glance over to my Tama-basket (where I keep them all) and I would love to run all of them! But I just don't have the time. And when I need to choose one it's always so hard. I don't like how they keep going through the generations. I actually prefer the P1 and P2 types that have to die before you get a new one :-) I know, I'm weird.
  7. I have nobody to play with either and I got only one (of the IDL English, the P's and the 4u). I'm happy as it is. :-)
  8. Sorry for leaving like I did so suddenly last year. I'm back now! I will explain

  9. My P's has finally arrived!!! So happy! It's really cool!

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    2. tamalover1918
    3. Camoth


      I'm still figuring out the Japanese on it, but it helps having a iDL English as well since they are quite simular. :)

    4. tamafan325


      congratz! hope you enjoy it!:D

  10. Jep, is a fake. In the discription he doesn't say it's a Tamagotchi, he says it's a virtual pet. However, it does say Tamagotchi in the title (and on the packaging too!). Edit: it does come with a phonenumber and e-mail adress. So I guess if he doesn't respond to messages you could always call or e-mail.
  11. Got a full refund on my damaged P1 that was posted as new on eBay. Guess there really are some good sellers out there who care. :)

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    2. Camoth


      Sure, it's Full refund and don't have to send it back!

    3. bjman8
    4. hamster0804


      I also got my money back from the seller (webwebo), it was no problem at all. Many Dutch sellers won't pay money back so easily.

  12. Nice that you'll join us! The time is now agreed to be 2pm GMT by the way. 2 hours later than we first discussed.
  13. My "new" P1 finally arrived. It has scuff marks and a screw in the back is flat. It's supposed to be "new". Batteries are dead too. *sigh* this makes me so sad :(

    1. Midorime


      Did you get it off Ebay? If so, you can file a complaint.

    2. Camoth


      I got it off eBay. I send a message to the seller with pictures. If he doesn't respond, I'll file a complaint.

  14. Ow those look so cool! I love them! I would be way too scared to paint mine. I'd mess up and paint the screen or something probably