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  1. oH MY GOG,, iTS sOLLUX,,, }:)

  2. happy b-day! hope ya have fun!

  3. 0h g0g get away fr0m me

  4. Hi Sollux~ (waves) :3c

  5. HA HA, ESRB is overrated. Seriously. The try to block FAKE BLOOD, violence and bleh, even though the actual version of which can be found right in front of you whether your parents let you play Resident Evil or not.*Fun fact. ESRB was created because Mortal Kombat exists XP* Once I was at a museum with old naked art and stuffs. all the kids went eww! bleh. And the teachers said "stop it. Its ART! That makes it kk" And here I was, like "no way". Aren't video games, movies and books actually art in moving interactive, moving, and writing form? So if it's art, it's kk, right? Ya. Why did I type so much? I dunno. But yeah.
  6. I have a normal Silver and a Lite white. My cousin has a Legend of Zelda one, which is shiny gold with a triforce on it.
  7. Um..Do you have an action replay? because you would need one to put those cheats to use, and if you do have one, shouldnt you already have cheats for them? Anyways, if you don't have an Action Replay, codes are useless. The cheats given to you would be string of numbers and letters that would mean nothing without an AR. And, if you still want them, I can post them later =P
  8. So your ambidextrous? cool. Im a lefty