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    I've been a registered TT user for... well... years. I think I joined in fifth or sixth grade, and I'm a junior in high school now.<br><br>I remember when tamakitten "died".<br>I remember when the V2 was new and everyone was freaking about about eBay fakes because there was NO WAY Bandai would make a V2. <br>I remember asking how to get a Mimitchi because I had no idea that my continued experiences with Maskutchi and Gozarutchi were because I wasn't taking care of my V1.<br>I remember the days before certain forums had to be moderated heavily.<br>I remember TamaTalk's first couple of anniversaries. <br><br>My name is MimitchiRocks, and I am Member No. 6,719.

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  1. Alright. A few years ago, there was this movie called Hamlet 2, about a high-school drama teacher who writes a musical sequel to Hamlet and gets his under-funded drama club to put it on. Shenanigans ensue. Unfortunately, it appears to be mostly forgotten except for the song "Rock Me Sexy Jesus", which I admit is on my iPod... on repeat... but the movie itself is hilarious! Who else has seen it?
  2. For those of you that aren't in high school yet, once you get there, EVERYONE QUOTES IT! It gets a little tedious after awhile; I'm in the class of 2011 and our slogan is "take your top off!!" for some reason. Can't tell you how many times I've heard "YOU GO GLENN COCO!" and "She doesn't even go here!" but the movie itself just never dies. What else do you expect from the writers of Saturday Night Live?
  3. Personally I think she's rather trashy, but that's why her music is so much fun to listen to. My friend Mitch (aka Lady Gaga's BIGGEST FAN) made me listen to Dinosaur and it rocked my world. Also: that gold fringy flapper dress she wore to the Grammys that everyone hated? I'd totally wear that!
  4. This is kind of naughty, but at my old school, the library consisted of a little reading corner full of old donated books and... I... stole some of them when I left the school I don't recommend it, but some of those books were weird little gems that nobody'd ever heard of, like Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You and My Secret War. I'm definitely not in sixth grade anymore, but I still read those books. I totally get what you're saying; kid self is FUN!
  5. The last Tama I bought was a 4.5--before that, I had several of V1, V2, V3 and I always depended on Target for a new one whenever I felt the urge. However, last time I was in the toy section at Target, the only Tama there was one pink/purple Music Star (V6) that I didn't buy because I heard a few bad reviews on button function, games, etc. So for those of you with anything from a V3 to a V5.5, where'd you buy 'em? (I live in the US and online's not really an option) Thanks, MR
  6. V1's do, in fact, have the pause option... but they're kinda simple and primitive compared to all the hot new ones. (I confess myself that the newest version I have is a 4.5 at the moment.) They are kinda nifty for keeping track of how different levels of caring for your teen will affect which adult it evolves into... it's pretty obvious that if you take care of it all the time you'll get a Mimitchi or Mametchi, and if you ignore it you'll get a Gozarutchi or somesuch. Good "training" for the serious Tama enthusiast ;D
  7. Really sad, depressing books that toss around "goth" words like scar, blood, knife, blahblahblah when it's not even necessary. To those of you that are bashing classics as "terrible", would you mind taking a little bit of advice? You really don't have to proclaim to everyone that the book itself is terrible. Sherlock Holmes was actually well-written. You could just say that you don't like those books.
  8. How many of you have read William Golding's Lord of the Flies? I just finished reading it today for English. It's a very, very well-written book, definitely worth picking up. It's essentially about a group of English schoolboys who end up on a deserted, uncharted island after a plane crash with NO adults. Everything goes great at first, then order begins to break down. It's very heavy in symbolism and foreshadowing. Great piece of work. My favourite character was definitely Simon. I also liked Samneric (Sam and Eric, the twins). How about you all? Read it? Wanna read it?
  9. OK I'm here, whaddaya want? xD I have... 3 v1's, 3-ish v2's, a v4.5 that died, and a mini. So, like 8.
  10. I'm not necessarily a "new" Tamagotchi owner, however I stopped collecting at V2 and just acquired a V4.5 and a few things confused me. 1. What does the cell phone do? 2. I entered the "cell phone code" again and got a CD, however, my character has a ? mark appear above his head. I'm assuming this means he doesn't have a CD player. Any input on this? 3. I see countries' flags in the shop. What do those do? (Please tell me they do something nifty, because they're so expensive!) Thanks, M.R.
  11. I wasn't planning on trick-or-treating, but since I'm in high school and there are tons of Halloween parties and dances, I'll probably have to think of a costume! I was thinking about a marionette/dead doll, zombie bride, or a Shakespearean poet.
  12. I LOOOOVE Nick@Nite whenever I can get to a TV. Full house = <3 (BOB SAGET!) I also like Fresh Prince, Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron (is it just me, or do they not show him much anymore? WAAH), Ned's Declassified, and Drake & Josh (sometimes).
  13. Middle school's really nothing to get your undies in a bunch about. It's just kids your age trying to find out who they are. I lost quite a few friends when I switched schools, and then a lot when I graduated 8th. This is the hard part - in high school, you have the choice to stay undercover and not make too many enemies OR go to all the dances and become popular right away. Added bonus for me since I was private-schooled, so I only know about twelve other freshmen out of five hundred.
  14. Ninth birthday: Party at Club Libby Lu. (Bad idea. Took me weeks to get all the "fairy dust" out of my hair!) Tenth: Had a bunch of friends over, drank too much Fanta, bounced off walls all night. Eleventh: Same as above, plus wrapping-paper hats/clothing. I have photos too. We tried to play my piano with our feet as well. Twelfth: I only had two friends over, because it was the year I switched schools and didn't have many friends. Thirteenth: Spent half the night in our garden shed with three friends and a lot of candy, blankets, and scented candles.