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  1. Ive collected two different rare items on my ID L so far, but when I try to use them, they will be displayed on the screen for a few seconds, and my tama will smile and thats it. Do they have any actual purpose whatsoever?
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I have a female first gen that has evolved into a Furwatchi, but the character appears to look darker on the screen than I it should? Everything else looks just as bright and colorful as usual, but my actual character looks like shes black and white. Has anyone else heard of this or experienced this?
  3. Okay so basically I just bought a V4 and Im feeling like I have NO idea what Im really doing with I have to send my tama to school in Tama town everyday? How do I get it a job? What do the different letters Im getting mean? Also, on the box it says that there are over 20 new games that you can play, but I already have an adult tama and there's only about five games available, (of which I only know how to play three). Whats the deal!?
  4. Yeah...I havent been able to find an actual dinky dino or dinky penguin on Ebay or anywhere else...Guess Ill have to be content with my V3's, (which I am!)
  5. Dont bother posting tips about how to hide them in high school. Most of us are already so good at hiding our cell phones that hiding a tamagotchi is nothing.
  6. My info: Gen 1 : Child: Teletchi (boy) Toddler: Mizutamatchi Teenager: Obotchi Adult: Pyonkotchi Gen 2 : Child: Teletchi (girl) Toddler: Mohitamatchi More posted later once it evolves...
  7. Tamagotchi's Name: Pyonkotchi Tamagotchi's Age: 7 Date of Birth: March 20 Date of Passing: March 30 What Generation? First Your Comments: Pyonkotchi was my first tama in a very long time, and I think he was the most delightful little one that I've ever cared for. I know that I will remember him for a very long time, and take very good care of his little girl. I miss him already!!
  8. Ahh! Thanks tamadog, I donated an extra five hundred, and it gave me the password. One more tama was recently visited by the matchmaker, and now its had a baby that its been taking care of, for two days! I thought I was supposed to take care of the baby after 24 hours??
  9. I am on my first generation tama on my V3, and I donated over 5,000 points to the showed the party favors go off on the screen, and it said "Thankyou very much"......and nothing else happened! I thought after you donated 5,000 you were supposed to get the password for the ring. Did this happen to anyone else?
  10. Are you kidding? I used to have a dinky dino...and a similar penguin one, and I LOVED them.......too bad I cant find them anywhere anymore.