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  1. tamatown looks like a site made especially for 3 year olds... i bet most tam owners are older than 3...
  2. ...so todays the big day for me. im going on the plane at 8:45pm or something. i wont be back 4 a while so dont expect a reply in the next few days. my new tam is gonna evolve to an adult at like 7oclock pm. and last sunday the strangest thing happened with my old tam... so it ran out of batteries shortly after i typed the log.my mum went off to get mew batteries. and the dude at radioshack but in the old batteries again 2 test em. and i saw something wierd on the screen...there were two lines and the tam wouldnt stop beeping!!! so the dude put innew batterys. and guess what... an egg appeared on the screen ... how discouraging but oh well i had 12 generations. but then i pressed the middle button. the screen now had the words download and reset.vwhy the heck do i wanna reset at 12th generation?!?!? i pressed download and my was back!!! so my tam was back to normal. just the age was a little screwy. but then again i thought my tam was destroyed or something like that. what a relief to have it working normally again!
  3. click dowload you go to where you left off. but the age will be all messed up.
  4. yeah there mainly 4 girls. but im a boy and i still like em
  5. well...spring bbreak officially started @ 5:30pm for me on Friday. So today ill update. So recently i started a new tam. And my 11th gen, named a, had babies last Friday. Today at midnight, a left but im almost always asleep by then so i really never got to see a leaving tam before. Im on the 12th gen now...wonder if anyone else here has gone that far... These are the stats of both tams now. Old tam... Hungry 4 Happy 4 Training 2 Age 0 Weight 10 Name sugar Gender girl Gener. 12th Points 61 Character hitodetchi(looks like this ) New Tam... Hungry 4 Happy 4 Training 6 Age 1 Weight 20 Name ???(i actually named it that... ) Gender boy Gener. 1st Points 630(by now you must be wondering why the heck my 1st gen is more than 10 times richer than my 12th gen) Character ufotchi From now on Ill call my old tam tam 1 and my new tam tam 2.
  6. umm...this is supposed to be in help 4 tam owners forum. this is for logs.
  7. ...whatever i dont think it really matters. everyone has their own imagination...
  8. ...once i had a mimitchi with baby mimitchi died baby too... kool aint it?
  9. i think it is or am i outdated??? im referring to the first tam ever made.
  10. ...the first time i had a tambaby the parent didnt leave i got mad at it...lol
  11. unlimited. but the counter only goes up to 99 days.