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    I would like to keep private about the above. It is for my safety.<br><br>As you probably guessed, I love tamgotchis.

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  1. I am so happy my tama, Jack had a baby! It was from the matchmaker(of course I know how to mate them perfectly, pm me if you want to too.)
  2. Gender: Boy Toddler: Tamatchi Teen: Patapatatchi Adult: Mametchi Generation: 1 Gave moderate care.
  3. I think you have to have it exactly 5000 points.
  4. Because, that charecter is not available on your lesser version of tamagotchi, so nazotchi will appear.
  5. Says "ask me for help" too many times, but it does not offend me.
  6. That's not what mine looked like, but it is still pretty cool!
  7. Happy Times Our Purpose Tell us your happiest or greatest time with your tamagotchi. I think the world would really like to hear. Rules No yelling (which means no huge, capitalized letters) Do not be mean or use innapropriate language. Do not spam. We all hate it. Be happy always! Just post to be part of this. Enjoy! -Little Milkshakes
  8. She will always come out if you don't have a partner. She'll come when your tamagotchi is about 6, and come at eather 10 am, 3 pm, or 7 pm. -Little Milkshakes
  9. Well, I have a different way: Dont use the love potion. You can just keep it as something pretty. 1) Hatch a female and male tamagotchi ***You can't mate a Japanese with an English version*** 2) Raise them, as you would normally do. ***It is EXTREMELY important that you do not connect AT ALL untill they are both 5 years of age*** 3) At 5, connect untill they are both 2 hearts and 2 smileys. Make sure they always have the same feelings for each other. 4) Now is the final moment- one more connection and the male will go to the female's case....and so forth. Hope you enjoy! -Little Milkshakes
  10. It's easier to mate me and I will tell you how
  11. Don't worry, he will go away after a while. The same thing always happens to me: It take 2 days to go away. - Little Milkshakes