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  1. so should I just get it over with an reset it instead of waiting for it to die?
  2. My tama is 17 years old is he going to die and will I have to start from scratch with first generation and everything?
  3. Well I didn't know that I was suppose to push a button when the matchmaker came because when she came for my v2 I didn't push any buttons until she asked love? and I said yes...now my v3 is 11 years old and about to die I have so much cool stuff in my items like a big screen tv...I used all of my tickets before he died because I know its coming soon....the matchmaker is not coming any more and I cannot bare the thought of my tama dying I have so much points almost 5000 what am I going to do?
  4. Hello, I have a question...everytime the matchmaker comes she looks through that book and just leaves...does this mean that she can't find a suitable mate for my tama?...he's 10 years old now and she's been coming ever since he was 6...she found a mate for my v2 but this is the V3 and I don't want him to die...he's a 3rd generatiion...what should I do?
  5. Thanks....tell me about the entama...because when I looked it up on ebay it was all japanese...can you get it in english?...they seem to be really cool
  6. Hello...Anyone know what an angelgotchi is and where can I get one...Thanks
  7. My tama didn't leave their baby in exactly 24 hours maybe like 2 or 3 days but trust me they will leave...they will go to sleep and wake up and the parent is gone that's how all of mine happened...just give it time.
  8. Well when my two tamas got together and had babies they both were girls and even though they were two different tamas they did everything at the same time...that's pretty weird so I kinda considered them to be twins even though they are not.
  9. Well I donated 5200 pts to the king and all he gave me was a ring...I was disappointed.
  10. Mine did the same thing and I was wondering what the heck is that thing...does anyone know?
  11. PAUSING IT WILL CAUSE IT NOT TO GROW THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH PAUSING IT... but if you change the time to 1:00 am so that it sleeps it will still grow just remember to feed it before you put it to sleep and when you wake it up readjust the time back to normal.
  12. Hi, Don't put it on pause that will stop the growth...what you need to do is change the time and make it go to sleep and as soon as you get home or wherever you can play with it change the time back and then it will wake up and then play with it...this will solve your problem and your tama will still grow.
  13. When my tama mates and gets a new baby will I still have all my points or will the points go away when the adult goes away I have over 2000 on my V2 and almost 5000 on my V3 and I don't want to lose them
  14. I think my V2 was watching TV is this possible there was a little square thing in the coner with fuzz on it and antena coming out of the top was this a TV