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  1. Dear AidenKaneJordan, I have 2 Version 3 Tamagotchi's. I have used the clone on them at least 2 or 3 times! Maybe he just happened to die after that or on the spot??? If not, I cannot help you, but I know that the clone does not kill your Tama! Tama213
  2. You shouldn't be so rude. You need to post thoughts that won't hurt other people, and if you don't have anything nice to say, don't post anything!
  3. Well, I have a V.2 Girl and a V.3 boy. They have hearts for each other on the friends list, but can V.2 and V.3 mate???
  4. You8 can just veiw passports and other items in souviners. I think it stinks, but that is how Bandi made it!
  5. It did not work for my v.3 or v.2. I don't think that you should post fake codes. If it does work, post a picture. If you need help, PM Tamamum.
  6. I usually bring mine to school. My switch teacher doesn't allow them, but my homeroom does!!! I take care of them during switches, in my homeroom, and I fake that I have to use the restroom, go to the bathroom, lock the stall door, and take care of my TAMAS!! THEY RULE!
  7. Ok, I don't think you get a a 2nd Souviner. I think you get only one, so don't waste all of! your points on trying to get a souviner from the king. Besides, the souviners are useless
  8. You can't use them, you can just view what you have won in games and your souvenirs and yada yada yada. It stinks, right???
  9. Once, I read that if you have an action figure or a doll, and you type in a acertain code, it turns into a dog or a cat! Does anybody have that code?????
  10. 1ST Of all, you can't change the time so your tama will evolve. Same thing with the Matchmaker!!!
  11. If I were you I would return it to the store. You can get another tamagothci, and if it happens again, you should probaly retun it and buy one somewhere else!!!!
  12. I think they are allowed for proof, like showing that there really is such things as twins....I don't know....e-mail Tamamum to find out!!!!
  13. Calm Down!!!! Do you check at certain times??? It comes at 3:00PM, 12:00PM, and 7:00 PM