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  1. Can you guys tell me when the teenager changes into an adult? I'm not quite sure. I'm thinking it's at age 7 (I hope not!) is it true? I really want to know what my teenager will turn out to be and what job it's going to have! CAN'T WAIT. THANKS PEACE LOL
  2. Well if you pause it, it's like freezing time. It won't grow or anything, you can't get any mail, and I think the shops can't refresh. It's not very good but it is useful sometimes! For example when you pause it your tamagotchi can pass through the day without losing and hearts. Pause it only when you need it! HOPE THIS HELPED!@#$%^&*()_+ OH YEAH
  3. that is pretty amazing...and weird at the same time..
  4. I think it's some sort of glitch. I'm not sure what to do but you should wait about 15 minutes or so and see if it changes back. Sorry if this didn't help, but I tried my best~ hope your tama goes back to normal
  5. What on earth happened? My tamagotchi was only eight years old and it turned into the matchmaker!! I'm wondering now that is it possible for the matchmaker to come?? I mean can my tamagotchi get married still?!?! Or is it just going to live until it dies?? HELP!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  6. How do you know which likes which? Does, lets say a maskitchi likes burgers, then does it smile and have a sunshine beside it?? Or if it doesn't like then does it get angry?
  7. To get a mamechi, mimichi or memechi do you have to have full training until it becomes an adult? Please help me!! Thanks!
  8. When I try to send/recieve presents it keeps on saying "SORRY!! LIST FULL" I dont know why this is happening and I tried to delete 1 of my snacks and meals (I have 15 snacks and 14 meals!! Is that too much?!?!?) Can somebody please help me? I have full hearts with another tamagotchi but it wont let me get married!! Thanks!
  9. Hello? Is anyone there? please answer my question it will help a lot!! Thanks!
  10. My friend has a tamagotchi and her character looks like a tulip with a face! I think it was a flowertchi but when i looked at the V3 character chart it wasn't there!!! And i swear it was a version 3!! After I saw the V2 character chart and it was there! I was just wondering can you get the characters from Version 2 if you have a version 3?? I really want the flower looking one!
  11. Thank you princesspat!! I really do appriciate your reply, It helped!
  12. Hello? Anyone? I'm really desprate and i've been waiting a lot!!