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    no it is sopost (sp?) to be the secual (sp?) of it. and i have not only seen it on youtube but in a lot of websites! yeah it is probley not real but i still don't know!
  2. i was looking up titanic and i found the preview to the titanic secual (sp?)! now i really want to post it so you can tell me if it is real or not... but there are a few things: 1. in the middle there is a well... part well not really but it still is and i would you recommed you being 13 or over and mature (or a mature 12, 11, and 10 year olds) and if it is not ok then a guide can please remove it but i have to know if it is real! this isn't the first place i have seen it, i have seen it somewhere else too and it says that it was coming out in April 18th, but i really don't think so. ok, here it is
  3. Ben, Karen and Jack wanted to do a sport too like their very athletic cousins. they just couldn't find the right one. later that day Melaine and Amy got a call from the hospital about Maddy...
  4. furbys scare me. when i was little i had one and i threw it out my window and it was stilll talking!
  5. i have one. i always got it when it was on the lowest weight.
  6. i agree that you are inosent, if that did really happen. belive me, i know how anoying younger sibings can be. i am the oldest.
  7. Tamagotchi's Name: kiki Tamagotchi's Age: 6 Date of Birth: 4/17/06 Date of Passing: 4/20/06 What Generation? 2 Your Comments: i can't beleive this happened!!! you sister is ok, (real sister, but mating 2 tamas) but why you?!?! i named the new baby girl after you. i miss you!!
  8. i have a v1. and i don't know why people want it. it is boring compared to the v3s. i keep it on pause alot because i don't have much time ti take care of them with 3 v3s. i don't want it to die.
  9. it turned my tama into a baby for 10 sec. and then all the happy and hungery hearts were empty. and another time it gave me 3000 gp!!
  10. my tamas mated when they were both 4 years old.
  11. i have a hashitamatchi right now, is it a good character? i often get a kurokotchi for an adult, is it a good character? Please help me!!
  12. yay!!! i got it now!! thank you sooo much everyone!!
  13. yeah but i have a v3. i need to put in numbers for a shop code i think that is for a v2. thanks anyway!!
  14. is there a code to get a love potion (aka honey) on a V3? i have 2 tamas and they wont get married! i need the love potion so if anyone know the code or password it would really be helpfull!!!!