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  1. Hi! I have been away! But my 13th tama has a prob! When I try to make my username it goes back to time i look it wont hatch because it goes blank again! Please help! Thanks guys, Jai
  2. Wow! Amazing! Well done you two! Jai
  3. Thanks backstreet26. And with your help(and spudlike) I got to 13yrs old! Jai
  4. Well guys, I did this and it worked on 1G. To get Patapatachi,just take average care of your Mizutmititchi.To get Mizutimitchi, make it under 20 Lb when it evolves from a baby.To get Patapatachi take about 80/100% care of it.Hope I helped! Jai
  5. Hello! Guess what! I did it with a V2 and 2 V3S and it worked!
  6. Very sorry if i hurt your feelings,and it did help a lot!
  7. Okay....Get it from the shop! Its quite rare and its 5000p.But you will find it eventually!
  8. Mine is a paparatchi! I love it because its cute and when it comes close to the screen its lips go wobbly and eyes wobble its funny!
  9. Exactly the same happened to my friend!He dropped it and something happened on the screen and he did it too much because he purposely droppped it 15 times and it broke!
  10. Sorry,there is no way to do that, but you could do it with 4 maybe and find out who connects with who.That works for me!
  11. Ok...You mean Cellphone from parents? When on 2Generation go to PARENTS on your tama (its on the book icon in Family) and select the first character press B 4 Times and you get a password. On tamatown,you see the two houses?Well go to parents(one of the houses) and enter your password.You get cellphone. Jai
  12. It gets very annoying, I have to agree, but I thought it came out every month,but it hasnt done that. Perhaps Bandai need to make Tamatown Hall great, so it takes longer,or it might even come out this afternoon.
  13. I have paparatchi and,sure its weird! I like Mamechi,Mimitchi and Paparatchi.I also like Kurokoritchi!Billitchi and Bill are nice and Tamachi too!Its so many...... I like Mamechi on the Version 3 best.
  14. Gender:Female Toddler:Tamachi Teen:Young Mamechi Adult:Paparatchi Generation:1
  15. Well spudlike, how long a generation is depends on how many years old your tama is.Think about it. And when you download youre downloading it to the last event,so it doesnt grow. Thanks anyway.