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  1. My school has 2 buildings- Freshman and 10-12 2,000+ people
  2. Almost 16 years, and 5'2" Considered short
  3. Really? I never thought I'd sorta know someone who does Oh right...Nevershoutnever. No clue how I forgot them. Short-term memory perhaps? I also enjoy listening to Stephen Jerzak :3
  4. Love them . Currently I'm more into k-pop. Big Bang Super Junior Beast 2ne1 and Se7en ...Oh and cant forget Wheesung Most of these are all guy groups/male singers. Only 2ne1 is a female group. So far, out of everyone in my school, my friends and I seem to be the only one who know of these people...XP
  5. I was just wondering...What is your favorite band or singer?
  6. 95% Bosnian and 5% hungarian I'm not sure if theres anything else but that it to my knowledge...
  7. The big red button in my chemistry class used to evacuate the city, or at least it was. Mr. Koenig broke the big red button.
  8. I am considered foreign... so that would be a yes. I listen to eastern european music, arabian, anything really...
  9. My school is sorta like that. Except that the freshmens have their own building. We have the Freshman Campus and the 10-12 buliding....
  10. First?.. Um it has to be about a runaway. She is 14 or 15. She was abused at home by her father and mother didn't believe her and because she often acted on impulses, she ran away. (after working part time, she takes a backpack, some food water, and 2000 dollars in cash). She finds a group of runaways(actually 2 or 3)and they at that point work together to survive in the Appalachian Mountains. They end up in Tennesee(sp?) and find a small town in the mountains. They blend in with the community there and pretend one of the eldery couples in town were their grandparents (This couple passed away a week before, they found them in the obituary(Sp?)). Befriend an older man in town-he helps them. Eventually, (after a year or 2 on the run) her mom finds her. Thats where I go blank. I wrote it when I was in 4th, or got the idea then. It developed when I was in 6th grade. I'm thinking about writing/editing some of it. Possibly hoping to get it published. ♥Meddie
  11. It's simple and random but I've been thinking about school a lot lately. My 10th grade year will offically start September 8th of 2009. It has to be after labor day because of some new law here in my state. I was wondering when does school start for you? ♥Meddie
  12. My Schedule- 1st Trimester= 1st hour-Health 2nd-German 2 A 3rd-Accel. Chem A 4th-Algebra II A 5th-World History A (A is the first part of the class) 2nd Tri= 1st-Astronomy A 2nd-English 10 A 3rd-German2 B 4th-World History B (Although it's a 10th grade class, it's housed in the Freshman Campus.) 5th-Accel Chem B 3rd Tri= 1st-Astro SP Expl (....) 2nd-English 10 B 3rd-Algebra 2 B 4th-Exploration of food and nutrition 5th-Lifetime activites (aka PE) In my school we have 2 buildings- Freshman Campus and the 10-12 building. My schedule has me either running between wings-East wing and West wing or running between the 2 buildings (For German and World History.)(In my 2nd tri for world history I have 10 minutes to-run to the other end of the 10-12 building, across a parking lot, then in across the Freshman Campus to the west wing and go upstairs.) I'm currently a sophomore.
  13. meddie65


    I started planning this book, and I think it's pretty good, so far. The book (A series actually.) is still in the planning stages but heres what its about: It follows a girl named Noelle in 2059. In her city, people are put in to ranks. The ranks are as following- Omega 1, Omega 2, Omega 3, Omega 4 Beta 1 (Also known as Omega 5) , Beta 2, Beta 3, Beta 4 Alpha 1...and so on until Alpha 4. Omega is considered the weakest, Alpha is the strongest. In this city, no matter what it is, you must obey anyone who is a full rank higher then you. (Ex. An Omega 3 must obey a Beta 1) In order to be put into one of these ranks, you have take a pretest when you are 6, then a final test when you are 12. The test is based on 4 stages: -Personality -Style -Family -Potential Anyway, Noelle is considered an Omega 2. The story shows her life and her struggles to raise in rank. In one part of the book she gets a penpal from another state/city. This is when Noelle discovers her city's government is corrupted. Here is the beginning, not much but...enjoy?: 'Definatley Alpha.' I thought, immediately breaking eye contact. The girl was my age, but definately not my rank. I walked through the crowded halls of my school. Alpha's and even the high betas could hover instead of walk here. Minche, my hoverbot, beeped twice. She was the newest hoverbot out there, but my rank had only risen 30% after getting her. A soft pearly white, I could see myself in her. "Mom." She said and beeped again. "Answer?" Minche asked. I nodded, ignoring the call would be disrespectful. I stopped walking and sat down at a table in the commons. Minche brought up the screen. My mom's smile was big, and I knew that Belle's pretest had gone well. So, thats pretty much it. I know I must have some grammer mistakes and whatnot in there, try to ignore that...Tell me what you think, and any comments are well appreciated. ^^
  14. I'm known for writing stories, but it has taken 2 years for just one. Writing involves planning and research and etc. The book I'm currently writing is a series, following a girl named Noelle.^^