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  1. ya know you don't have to play with you r tama in class i was just saying you could but be carful
  2. is there a password for it so its easier to get? how many points do you need to get the thing? i have never got it before and i sounds really cool
  3. you know i have just read a post "why should you play with your tama in class"... and well i totally disigree here below are th qualifications to playing with your tama in class: - if you have a really nice, caring and friendly teacher you could play with it - if your done all your work and your quiet you could play with it -if no one is looking play with it - DO NOT play with it while your teacher is speaking! it happened to me last year . i got it taken away from me for an hour but it lived - if you are at the back of the class its a perfect time to play with it do not forget to turn the sound off!! its scary during a presentation with 5 police men and 12 teachers behind you ... trust me it happend to me!! if you fit these qualifications go ahead play with it!
  4. i'll use those tips this one day i was playing wit my tama wit the sound on and right after recess we had a presentation by some police men and half way through it i relized my tama's sound was on! it was so freaky because the teachers were sitting right behind me anyways thanks!
  5. as soon as you donate there is a code right? then you go on and you go to the king type that code in there and bang! you have the cape ring or costume( depending on how many points you've donated
  6. thanx! though my teacher is the best! she doesn't mind anyone playing with tamas as long the sound is off and your fished your work first.i can easily play with it right in front of her!! kool eh?
  7. you know i think it's worth it but true maybe you should think bout it first