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  1. Tamagotchi's Name:sweet Tamagotchi's Age:99 Date of Birth:3/4/06 Date of Passing:5/4/06 What Generation?10 Your Comments:i miss u i miss u i miss u
  2. here's how u visit them. 1. go 2 tamatown.com 2. go to parents then history there u will find a password 3. clic on the parents house 4. then the password pops up and then type in the password.
  3. BRB if u wan't 2 b my friend just tell me O.K.
  4. I havent done tama surgery and i don't want 2 will some one b my friend.
  5. i like them. my favorite 1 is the tropical design.
  6. Hi ericathetama will u b my friend? im new.
  7. hi i saw that u were on will u b my friend?
  8. hi im new. I thin the new skins r cool