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  1. I like it that Hermione is loyal, but she's kinda boring, frankly. It just sounds better to say 'The Trio'. I agree, Draco would be a great person to meet in reality. I also like Ron, and I have always thought that if I were a character - I would be extremely close to the Weasleys. ^^ They are definetely my favourite wizarding family EVER.
  2. OMG i L0VE THAT S0NG!!! I`d give 10/10. ^^ Song above [Chris Brown - With You]
  3. Never heard. Chris Brown - With You
  4. What do you people think about One Republic? I REALLY like Apologize, and his original. But then I listened to Stop & Stare and don`t know if I like it. What do you think? I`m interested in other people`s opinions.
  5. Lol XD I read the 4th one in a week and the 7th one in 5 days. XP And I am a very slow reader!
  6. Dunno > . < I`m holding on your rope, Got me 10 feet off the ground. I`m hearing what you say, But I just cant make a sound. You tell me that you need me, Then you go and cut me doooown. But wait, Tell me that you`re sorry, But ya didn`t think I`d turn aroouund, And sayyy. It`s too late to ---------. It`s too laaaate. Take another chance, Take a fall, Take a shot for yoooou. I need ya like a heart needs to beat, But it`s nothing newww, Yeah, Yeah. I love ya when the fire`s red, Now it`s turning blue. And I said, Sorry that the angel, Heaven made me think was you. But I`m afraid. It`s too late to ---------, It`s too late. I said it`s too late to ---------. It`s too late to ---------, Yeahhhh. I said it`s too late to ---------, Yeahhhh. I`m holding on your rope, Got me 10 feet ooooff, The ground. [Yeah, the whole song`s posted XD]
  7. Yeahh, I agree. It came as quite a shock when hedwig died. And the way Fred, Lupin and Tonks died was just soo sad. :[ I wish they hadn`t of died, They were some of my personal faves. :[
  8. Okai, I think I missed out some of my fave characters - my fave are ;; The 'three muskateers', Fred, Dobby, Lupin, Tonks, Sirius and BELLATRIX. Even though she killed Sirius, she is the beest death eater, hands down. I think I also became attached to Snape in HBP, And I cried SOO much in the Prince`s Tale [DH] It`s also soo unfair that Fred died, Cos he was one of my defo faves X[ And also, I love the HP books because I can always really related to the characters ;; Even the bad ones [Voldemort, Bellatrix, Draco] When I am sad, angry, hyper [etc...] it calms me down ;; And it makes me so happy to escape from reality, And dig deeper and deeper into harry`s life. And, obviously, the more times I read one of the books, I understand it more and have to read that book AGAIN. As soon as I had finished DH, I started on it straight again. XD
  9. JKR foreverr <3 I`m her biggest fan. She is my insperation And my role model. She has inspired me To be a writer. Which is now my Greatest ambition. When i was reading the 7th book ;; I took it every where with me - Even the club when I went on holiday. And, omg, do you know How much I cried, When Fred, Dobby, Lupin and Tonks died? And I was even a little sad that Bella died :[
  10. Dunno. My one was Scream by Timbaland. I aint got no money I aint got no car to take you on a date I cant even buy you flowers But together we can be the perfect soul mates. Talk to me girl oh baby its alright now you aint gotta flaunt for me if we go touch you can still touch my love its free we can work without the perks just you and me thug it out til we get it right
  11. Um, I got no idea to be frank. > . < I got a plan, For you and I. A journey across, The vanescian sky. [Can I have some of your cookies?] Can I have some of your pie? Can I cut, The first slice?
  12. Um . . . Don`t know. > . < You had my heart, And we`ll never be world apart. Maybe in magazines, But you`ll still be my star. Baby `cos in the dark, We can see shiny cars. That`s when I`ll need ya there, With you I`ll always share. Because, When the sun shines, We'll shine together. Told you I`ll be here forever, Said I`d always be a friend. Took an oath, I`mma stick out `til the end. Now that`s it`s raining more than ever, Know that we`ll still have each other. You can stand under my -------, You can stand under my -------, ----, ----, ----, Eh, eh, eh. [it`s a bit obvious, but I couldn`t think of another song that I know the lyrics to. :]=P]
  13. OMG, i never knew other people liked them like that too! That`s how I think about them too
  14. Um . . . Kinda in the same situation. *Points finger at myself*
  15. [i`m in the same situation with my BEST FRIEND! I dont know what to do either . . .
  16. In my top 5. XD I thought, um . . . that`s, er, a weird song. But then I thought, hey it`s actually not that bad!
  17. I have a few at the moment, but they`d probably change by tomorrow. =P 1- OneRepublic - Stop & Stare 2- Timbaland - Give it to me 3- Rihanna - Don`t stop the music 4- Chris Brown - With you 5- Flo Rida ft. T-Pain - Low That`s probably my top 5 in that order, but some others are close to going up in there. :]
  18. Yeahh, it does. Bigger than anyone could imagine. If it dissappeared of the face of the earth I would defo go nuts. REALLY nuts. It can control my emotions and helps calm me down if I`m angry or sad. Like today I was REALLY angry, so I just turned on The Hits on the music channels and calmed down. Whenever I have a fight with my bestie, I go home, cry, and then listen to some good R'n'B.
  19. I just love the Harry Potter series, and I wanted to share my feelings with everybody else. Post here if you are a Harry Potter fan, and fill out this quiz! 1 - What`s your fave of the series? [Mine is personally Harry POtter and the Deathly Hallow, cos it`s like, the best book ever written. 2 - Who is/are your fave character(s)? [Mine are Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, Tonks, Lupin and Dobby.] 3 - How many Harry Potter books have you read? [Me, all of them! And am reading COS for the 2nd time.] 4 - Why do you like reading the HP books? [i have many reasons.]
  20. You`re eating candy right now is the lie? 1 - My best friend is a boy. [i`m a girl.] 2 - I like Hannah Montana. 3 - I don`t like hot dogs.