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  1. Please can you tell me how to unsuscribe from the forum topic notifcation? The emails are driving me crazy!! lol
  2. You just have to keep trying... theirs no realy way of getting certain characters except for debugging, which i dont like
  3. You really do deserve it!! I've seen all your posts their really nice!!
  4. Anyway I havn't been on for ages so i just noticed them but yeah i think they will help TamaTalk!! It is quite expensive ya know...
  5. WOW thats cool! Can someone please say how to do a ROM test?
  6. Let me explain. Their V1 is so simple with little characters Their V2 is quite simply with a little more characters Their V3 is OK with enough characters for maybe a 3 year old? Their V4 is our V1 Their V5 is our V2 Their V6 is our V3!! And any more are fake!!
  7. How and WHY could you get into trouble? What's wrong with it?
  8. Well i have some pattern its boy girl girl boy girl girl boy... funny isnt it?
  9. Well don't make it an auto log on. Also for passwords, make it hard by incerting capital letters, e.g. TamagotchiLover1990. The capitals count in your password!
  10. Well was it paused? By the time you find it it will be dead! Oh well, try looking under your bed or down the side of your mattress, thats where i found mine|!
  11. Well in my school if a teacher even HEARD that you were going to bring a tamagotchi into school she'd give you a detention! But in the high school i'm going to they're allowed. I can't believe your not allowed them at break times though....
  12. Yeah they just means they want to be your friend.
  13. Hi, you're new? That's great i love helping new people. If you need any help just PM me!