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  1. Uh, we just got ours today(yay!) and our tamagotchis have both already evolved into kids. Or whatever the second stage is. I think it's a kid... Anywho, we were wondering, how long does it take for them to go through each stage? And can you pick which tama jumps across to the other tama when you connect? just wonderin'
  2. *sigh* It might be ANOTHER week before I can get one. My dad didn't make as much $$ as we'd hoped this week. And we were gonna go get them today too... *cries*
  3. Bubbles? Cool! I want a tama soooo badd!! Does anyone know a list of stores that carry them?
  4. hair? lol. My sister and I get ours Tomorrow*hopefully*. Unless that stupid hurricane blows Georgia away... *grrr*
  5. The reason I ask is because our Walmart won't be getting any in for a while! *sigh*. I want one as soon as possible. We were gonna get it today... *cries*
  6. Well? Does anyone know where I can buy a tama online for about $15.oo? I want 2 US versions. I also want it to get to my house in less than 1 week. Anyone know where I can find that kind of shipping? Thanks.
  7. hmm... I think I'll mate mine. I don't wanna see an old pruned tama... Just kiddin.. lol
  8. We went to 2 walmarts today and the whole row where they were supposed to be was empty! They're supposed to get another truck in tomorrow though, so hopefully we'll get one then! *hopes*
  9. Dangit!!! I went to 2 walmarts today, and can't find them. The whole shelf where they were supposed to be was empty!!! I don't know if they sold out, or if they haven't gotten them in yet. Maybe they'll put them up soon???
  10. Awww. all those are so cute! lol
  11. Do they sell the other versions in the US? Or can you only get them in another country?
  12. oh, well do you know where a pic is? I'd like to have an idea in my head of what it'll look like before I go buying it.
  13. It'd be cool if they could keep their parent's gifts... sorta like a family heirloom! lol