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  1. it seems you guys like mangas! i subscribe to this manga mag. called SHOJOBEAT! its pretty cool! i would recomend it to you guys www.shojobeat.com its cool!
  2. i saw the commercials.... they should maybe have a teen and kids.... the little singing in it makes u feel stupid. "We ARE FAMILICHI!" RRRG.
  3. I <3 manga!!! my favs.... Absolute Boyfriend Fruits Basket Sailor Moon
  4. be the change you wish to see in the world- Gandhi if you live to be 100, i want to be a 100 minus 1 day so i'll never be without you. -winnie the pooh
  5. TRUST ME . I LOVE TAMAGOTCHIS! but.. i think that if you have kids or a job... u shouldn't let tamagotchis take up all of your time. tamagotchis are a fun , cool pet but u kinda do have to have priorities. don't get me wrong though. i <3 tamagotchis!
  6. ok.. so this wasnt the smartest vote since its on a tamagotchi site... so pretty much i know tamas will win.
  7. as in..i would like it even more if it was a hand held ,portable pet.
  8. i totally am in the same place. im following this group hatching. its flexible yet organized. ok... so heres my info so far: Version: V5 Last Name of Family: Haru 1) Lovezukintchi- girl (primary or "middle character") 2)hatugatchi-boy 3)watatchi-girl They are early adult stage. Bonding- 10% blended family
  9. I have to agree completly... i actually wrote a coment to the webkinz people telling them that it would be 60% more fun if it wwas like a tama. webkinz is a little kid thing tho i do play...its kinda fun i have to say/ i do agree w/ that comment!
  10. yeah! the graffiti one would be great! thell see the pattern and if they ask say its a boy version!
  11. Hello, Im tamagotchi 2626! as you may know, knowing tamagotchi characters are important (but also quite fun!) Here are some tamagotchi character profiles: Mametchi: Mametchis are smart,educated tamagotchis. They enjoy computers and reading. pics of mamemtchis: www.adiumxtras.com/index.php?a=xtras&xtra_id=2008 Memetchi: an orange,huge eyed tamaenjoys anything girly. pics of this tama: www.totalgirl.com.au/Images/Memetchi.gif Kuchipatchi: This mild mannered tama is romantic and lazy. this chubby thing loves to rollerskate! pics of tama: bellsprout.50webs.com/Kuchipatchi.gif Gozarutchi: with dreams of becoming a ninja,this tama is always practicing! pics: www.tamagotchi.com/.../char_adult_gozarutchi.gif Itchigotchi: a sweet king strawberrie girl, loves to dance like crazzzzzzzy!!!!! pics: bellsprout.50webs.com/Itchigotchi.gif Ringotchi:a tama who is very opinionated,only sees in black &white,and is extremly loyal. pics ; bellsprout.50webs.com/Itchigotchi.gif
  12. yeah!!!!!!! a heat sensitive tama!!!! would matbe want a built-on case for me tama. it would like...slide out and fold together!!!!
  13. EVERYONE!!!!!!! TRY THE GAME HARVEST MOON DS!!!! its great!
  14. I GOT A V4! i got a v4! anyway. here are some facts about the newest and hottest tamas . instead of lamp icon, its a ''post'' icon . Post is where you can get letters from your egg friend, and find out there fortune. .tama town isnt that different.(ectcept 4 skool) . cooler and better look.( i have a cool white & glow in the dark one) . You can get them at wal-mart. . Price: an amazing..............$15.00!!!!!!! .be a rock star, fashion desirer & more! .over 20 more games! .oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you HAVE to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111