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  1. What did you get for Christmas as make a list? And have a great season holidays.


    I know sound little early and i want to post that what did you got for Christmas as you can make list. I don't mean really want for Christmas this year as it is a different kind topic so i am make a clear.


    Hold till Christmas day then make a list what you did got for Christmas.


    Oh by the way to say: Merry Christmas and a happy new year and a great season holidays.

  2. How to Photograph Christmas Decoration - How to Photograph Christmas Decoration


    Christmas tree Photography ideas- Christmas tree Photography ideas


    How to Take Great Photos of Holiday Lights - How to Take Great Photo of Holiday lights


    Tips for Taking Photos of Christmas Tree Ornaments and the Tree with White Balance - Tips for Taking Photos of Christmas Tree Ornaments and the Tree with White Balance


    Must-Get Christmas Pictures Before the Tree Comes Down! - Must get Christmas Pictures Before the Tree Come Down!

  3. How to Take High Key Photos


    This website is a very good. You will be happy to try out with High key photos.


    You need go down and look the big words call "Taking High Key Photos with Available Light" and you will see why they explain as very good idea.


    The site did say: You can take high key photos even if you don’t own any studio lights or professional cameras.


    Here is a website about the High Key Photos: http://www.photopoly.net/how-to-take-high-key-photos/


    Oh, by the way that on there they did say "to finish the effect in post processing" as if you don't have it too as it is will be look great with high key photos.

  4. It is a nice list for you. It is a wish list that you are dream to see.


    Everyone did you read on the 3rd question that you did skip that question if you willing to answer the question about Christmas photography to take self photography this year of your own thoughts.


    I am know that i can't also wait for Christmas coming up too.


    I have my own list myself as right now i am still thinking as it is lots of the time.

  5. What is your favourites hobby book?


    Hobby is means like a crafts, or like other hobby stuff that you did read the book that with your own hobby.


    My favourites is:


    The everything photography book: Foolproof techniques for taking sensational digital and 35mm pictures


    Other one is:


    Pet photography 101: Tips for taking better photos of your dog or cat.