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  1. I did forgot to add a little inform: I don't want say titles due the reason so here is: 2 different kinds of books and a DVD movie title. I am waiting to arrive around couple weeks.
  2. What are you do waiting for your books,music,games, or movies to arrive that you did order it couple weeks ago? I don't know where it is put the topic in books,music,games, or movies topic as it is kind for me a mix topic.
  3. //Shooting S T A R S - Thanks and yeah it is made my day today
  4. I am here to drop off a good tip for you guys if you don't want get anymore worst gift ever: Ask your family get a gift card so you can buy a gift for yourself so you know what you want than ask your family to get a gift for you that your family don't know what kind you do want it then it is was a worst gift ever your life.
  5. What is the best movies you have seen in 2010?
  6. BIRTHDAY SELF PORTRAIT IDEA Ever you did a thought to try self portrait picture on your birthday with a hat, balloon and other birthday decorations on your profile picture on social networking websites?
  7. BLACK BACKGROUND SELF PORTRAITS Ever you did to have a thought to use a black background for yourself to take a pictures? I am going to explain a tip about the black background: When you use a black background to make a moody or drama pictures or use a self portrait pictures with a black background. You can use a colour or black and white with a only on the black background. Warning tip: Use a shower rod or something strong to hang up to take a pictures. What you do think about this tip? Hope you will enjoy this new tip.
  8. There is a three question about aviator sunglasses: Do you like a aviator sunglasses? What kind you did with a aviator sunglasses? (wear them or take pictures of self portrait or something others) Do you think a aviator sunglasses is cool?
  9. BRAND NEW PHOTO EDITING Wow! Brand new photo editing. Wow! There is a brand new photo editing and you all will like this brand new photo editing. Link: Brand new photo editing Hope you will enjoy this.
  10. 25 WAYS TO JUMP START PHOTOGRAPHY INSPIRATION This topic is a little different than my last topic talking about 60 ways to start photography inspiration. Means You can have more inspiration ideas for your photography from 60 ways and 25 more ways. Wow! 25 Ways to Jump Start Photography Inspiration Link: 25 Ways to Jump start Photography Inspiration Website said: So, you finally have the time to shoot but lacking inspiration? Need a fresh flow of new Ideas? Here are 25 ways to get your photography creativity going. What you do think?
  11. Printable bookmark for Justin Bieber fans This is a printable bookmark to print out to yourself to use it. Tip for bookmark: After you are done printing the photo paper or use a right paper bookmark then put a cardboard it glue it to make a easy for you. Link: Justin Bieber Pointing Bookmark Link: Cute Justin Bieber bookmark Hope you are enjoy it.
  12. MAKING POLAROID PICTURES When you are done using this trick and tell me how cool trick? Go to ms paint Then go to Attributes: Width: 750 Height: 843 Then check on attributes to see a word: Pixels Then click OK from the attributes Then use a Rectangle to make a center of Polaroid Go to click other ms paint to get this: go to file to go open to your photo to pick one your favorite picture then select Then go back to your other ms paint to put a picture in a center Then get a eraser and zoom it to take a out of rectangle (If you have right in center with a rectangle as you don't need to eraser) Only if you did eraser- Then go to get rectangle of center picture Then you can go paint to choose a colour for computer background or leave a white to print out a Polaroid (remind to save as in first JPEG) Then you need to make a folder: Polaroid pictures For print it out: Use a your photo paper to print out. Use a photo paper size is: 8 1/2 x 11. I don't know your photo size as i am just put a number. If you only want to put a frame to hang in a wall For desktop background: Set as a desktop background Go to properties to go desktop You can use center Then at a desktop choose a colour Then click to apply Then click OK
  13. SELF PORTRAIT QUESTION This is a self portrait question: Do you just point, pose, shoot, go back to the camera and see what it looks like, OR you will take pictures and see the pictures later on to gather in computer so you can pick one is the best stunning picture ever you had OR the picture came surprise of stunning picture ever you do had?
  14. SELF PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS I am just did found the website about self-portrait tips that will make you stunning. Link: Self-Portrait tip that will make you stunning Hope it is will help you to improving your self portrait.
  15. Hey everyone on the comments- I am got to say your are welcome and they are helpful to think about different things for photography. Hope you will enjoy it get the ideas for photography.
  16. 60 SOURCES OF INSPIRATION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY This is talking about 60 Sources of Inspiration for Photography. It is said on the website: Are you struggling for new ideas? Do your creative batteries feel as flat and lifeless as a skunk in the fast lane? Here are 60 ways to breathe new life into your love of photography and re-energize your inspiration. It is means they are talking about Inspiration ideas for photography. Here is the link: 60 Sources of Inspiration for photography Hope you will enjoy it for fun to get an new ideas for photography.
  17. MICRO APOLLO LIGHT MODIFIER REVIEW Tip for people who have on-camera flash SLR or flash unit to use this Micro Apollo Light Modifier softbox. This is an review of Micro Apollo Light Modifier. This is kind of photography softbox. Link: http://fjwestcott.com/products/product.cfm...head=haloapollo Let you know i am still learning about Micro Apollo Light Modifier soft box. It is still like a baby step to learn. It is will take a time to learn. I like this portable softbox. You can put it in your bags and use for travel too. Also you should try with this self portrait too with this tool too. It is pretty neat tool to use this.
  18. ONLINE PHOTOBOOTH The online photo booth gives you the ability to make your own photo sets with portraits, school photos and pictures for passports, drivers licences etc. The photo booth is very easy to use and 100 % free of charge. It also contains instructions on how you make your own passport photos. Link: Photomat online photo booth You can go see the button said: Start photo booth! You can use this sites everything like self portrait or school pictures or your pets pictures or something like that with the site as not only your passport picture. It is all free. I did try it to myself and it is works. You should try it to yourself too. It is pretty cool site.
  19. Questions about reuse paper rolls: You were planning to throw paper rolls to Recycle? Do you ever use a reuse paper rolls on your own ideas? What is kind of yours ideas to reuse paper rolls? My own answer here: You were planning to throw paper rolls to Recycle? Yes Do you ever use a reuse paper rolls on your own ideas? Yes, It is was came into my mind to use a reuse paper roll to use a photography gear. What is kind of yours ideas to reuse paper rolls? I did use a Photography gear call Vignetting of dark for corners and an a pinhole photography.
  20. VIGNETTING EFFECTS TIPS Why not use cheap is toilet paper roll to use a vignetting effect when you are zoom the camera. When you get the toilet paper roll and you can tape it to camera or hold it and just zoom and you will see the Vignetting effect on dark corners and take a picture as it is an cool trick ever i did use it without buy a lens. Hope it will save your thing than to go buy an lens for vignetting effect. Many people never thought this tip. Hope it is works. I did try this tip to myself too as it is works for me. Enjoy yourself try this tip.
  21. GEL FILTERS WITH 3D GLASSES If you are going to throw the 3D glasses gel filters (red/blue) then here is an other idea tip: - First to tear the 3D glasses gel filters - Use a Digital camera over your pop-up flash and tape it or hold it. - You can also try into self portrait too and it is will be a cool effect filter colours Here is an a questions: 1. Are you will try 3D glasses gel filters on your self portrait photography? 2. Did you already try after you did read the tip? 3. Did you learn something about this tip? 4. What you did think this tip? 5. Did you never thought so about this tip?
  22. BOUNCER / LENS HOOD PHOTOGRAPHY I did found free printable bouncer/lens hood photography and you will save money and just print at home to use it. Link of lens hood: http://www.lenshoods.co.uk/ Link of two bouncer: Show the bouncer instructions: Instructions Show the bouncer printable: Bouncer printable Hope you will enjoy to save money and print at home. Let me know if you did try it on here after you make this. Question: What is your reactions about this after you did make this printable?
  23. SELF PORTRAITS IN AUCTION MODE Hello to everyone. Hope you will enjoy reading. I do know about Auction mode is editing in-camera and lot of people thought only to take pictures only on Auction. Then it is came into my mind to suggest use self portrait to take pictures in Auction mode. In-camera editing in Auction mode have 1-4 shapes of size. I did see photo editing about almost same to auction mode. I do know there is online photo editing call Picnik and they have call collage as it is same idea to in-camera auction mode. It is call multiple pictures on one frame on auction mode in only on camera. I will show the picture of what is look like in auction mode in the camera: Auction mode example I am going to show you an picture just an example that it is not my picture: Example picture that it is not my and even not me It is a very neat cool trick for in auction mode digital camera. Hope you will try this the idea for auction mode: Self portrait. It is means you can take pictures of yourself in auction mode.
  24. CREATE YOUR OWN POCKET SIZED PHOTO ALBUM Link: pocket album Site said: Create and print a pocket-sized photo album. Choose photos for you pocket album from Flickr or upload them directly from your computer. Print it out, fold it up, and share the love with family and friends. Go try to make one yourself and it will save money than buy a album book. Let me know if you already did try it.