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  1. I did cry/sad at Wall-e movie. It is very good movie ever i saw since. Lion king movie is also sad movie too.
  2. I did forgot to add one more from my list: The Sound of Music (1965) is very good movie too. It make me think after the movie.
  3. I am going to bring my point here: Heather Whitestone was the first miss USA disability (deaf) in 1995 if you all can remind yourself. Abbey Curran is the first miss USA disability (Cerebral palsy) in 2008. I am trying to bring my point that is mess up as they should say Abby Curran is 2nd Disability of miss USA. If you do agree with this.
  4. My favorite musical films: Music from the heart - Sad movie Mr.Holland opus August rush movie Another Cinderella Story Mamma Mia! Annie (1982) Dirty Dancing Grease (1978) Ray (2004) - this is the best musical movie ever in my life. Those list is all my favorite musical films
  5. I have a question: Do you use laugh at many cats video and what is one of your favorite cat video? Bonce: cat video You will laugh at the video. It is very funny video. It is not my video.
  6. Cute cat video This video have close caption for hearing people. If you want to leave the comments there. Warn: This is not my video.
  7. Please do respect comments here. Please Never flaming and bashing comments. Go ahead and read here: You know where his famous movie Dirty Dancing. Here is website to prove it: Patrick swayze
  8. Thanks everyone to say happy birthday to me yesterday. If you a little late to say it is ok for today too and i will wait for others who not wrote here take extra day.
  9. 09/09/09 is the lucky day for people birthday, fun day, back to school that day, others. What you will do on that day on the 09/09/09? It is on my birthday on 09/09/09. You can say happy birthday to me. (wrote myself also saying)
  10. Which is the most DVD collection is on your shelf is the most genre?
  11. Did you watch Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie and what is your opinions? My answer: This movie is was full of laugh. I love this movie.
  12. Which is your favorite movie when you were a young kids?
  13. TamaMum - I am talking about topic that it is happen to read and watch movie while you sitting down at same time. Did you read again about example at my topic then that what i am talking about. Add: I am talking about movie and book with same title. Oh my topic that i have hard time to choose to think which one is match: Stuff We Watch, Stuff We Listen To, Stuff We Read because this topic is kind mix to me.
  14. Did you ever happen to you before to watch movie and read book title movie at the same time before? example: Book and movie with same title at same time For other example that people almost forgot that people use: Record CD with book while you listen to it. That what my topic talking about listen to movie while read book at same time. This topic i am hard time to think which one is match: Stuff We Watch, Stuff We Listen To, Stuff We Read because this topic is kind mix to me.
  15. What kind is your Pencil Cases? Add: You can take picture or use website link of picture of your pencil case.
  16. yeah this cake was very cool. I am still thinking what i should get cake for my birthday next month.
  17. Look there with tama on it: http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com/tama...hi-cake.html#c1 RawryCakes.x- disagree with you.
  18. `Krystal- No i did found that site just min ago. Others with different links i found.
  19. Cool birthday cakes You go there and it is very cool cakes there. Believe me.
  20. Rubik's Cube cake This is very cool cake of Rubik cube cake.
  21. RawryCakes.x - This is not school work from homework. I am asking others people for opinions only.
  22. 2 comments: you are very welcome. It will be help for people who loves rainbows.
  23. Why do the keyboard/typewriter isn't in alphabetical order?
  24. Thanks everyone will to try this cake someday.