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  1. You do can't wait to watch So You Think You Can Dance Canada next day?
  2. Did you watch Julie and Julia Movie? Remind everyone: Please don't leave spoiler comments please.
  3. It is in wrong place and need to move to movie topic.
  4. Your welcome everyone and yes this it so cute puppy with heart shape.
  5. Please click on link: Interesting cake! Hope you enjoy yourself make that cake. Any cake for birthday or something fun to do.
  6. Click on link there: Love-Kun This puppy was born with heart shape again and it is so cute. His name is Love-kun
  7. John Hughes died today. John Hughes Please leave respect comments. Never bashing comments please.
  8. Do you think historical movies are educational? My answer: I do think historical movies are very educational.
  9. Ripcurl - good job to try it. hope you enjoy it.
  10. Thanks everyone to leave comments and it is cool tip for people to understand what like eat monkey.
  11. How to eat a banana like a monkey See pictures and you will get idea to try out yourself. It better than on top as it is works on bottom. Hope it will helps. Let me know if you did try yourself.
  12. http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showtopic=154938 I made that topic last feb to march.
  13. Do you have DVD collection are still in wrapper? My answers: No i don't have dvd's are still in wrapper. They are all open already. I watch those dvd's before. Hope you enjoy this weekend!
  14. Do you write down a list or study at title just before you buy dvd's at store? I do study on websites that title of movies every few days just before you buy at store. So i can rember title easy than write down list as if i did write list of movies as it means quick and hurry to store with mess up wrong title. It just like pop up like daydream picture in my mind.
  15. I use firefox web browser and it have add on. I love this firefox.
  16. What your dvd movie is on top your dvd player? My answer: Free willy trilogy (triple feature dvd)
  17. It is pretty cool site that you can change your homepage search logo. I think you will love it. Go to this site: shiny search I know that you will love it. Try it. Let me know if you love it?
  18. What dvd's movies are you already seen when it is on television? My answer: Cheaper by the dozen 1 and 2 Raise your voice My girl 1 and 2 Anywhere but here Lean on me Pride and Prejudice The Perfect man Head to heels
  19. This sunday i will watch new movie on tv CBS call "The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler". Time on cbs at 9pm. I just want to remind you.
  20. Do you mind watching subtitled films/tv or without subtitled? Why or why not to watch subtitled? I am deaf and i have reason to use subtitled on films and tv. I just bring this in good topic that no one have thought so.
  21. i am understand people like horror at night to watch it. It not for me.
  22. Which is better for night or daylight to watch the horror or thriller movies? My opinion: I will watch thriller movies night or day and only horror at daylight time. I don't want to get bad dreams from horror movies at night.
  23. What movies you watch this weekend? Me will watch the movies this weekend: Saturday: Maid in Manhattan Mickey blue eyes The banger sister Sunday: Don't say a word (2001) Down to you I did never seen those movie till i did found out today that i will be watch those on weekend. It is on tv. I can't wait to watch those movie.