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  1. yeah lol. havent played Tamagotchi for years and just got my V3 yet I get Mametchi in my first gen. Wasn't so hard anyways.
  2. maybe its poopoo-ing in the bathtub? XD
  3. do i need to use Love Potion and stuff? Or she'll come in a certain age?
  4. Well, I havent got no friends to connect with T__T can my Tama still have babies? Or will it live to old age and die T_T
  5. for V3? I need to make sure cause I'm not pissing off my Tama for nothing ^^"
  6. T__T anyways. a tip when playing Heading. After hitting the ball, move to the center right away to prepare for the next ball. Thats because if u dont, lets say you're standing on the right. if the ball appears on the left, you have to press 2 times. but if you're already at the middle, whereever it appears, left or right, you have to just press one time. or if you're lucky, it'll appear in the middle ^^
  7. um i think its diffrent to everyone? according to your username isnt it?
  8. why not? >_< T_T and lost Tamagotchi? someone stole it?
  9. i get it.. >_< because im nice? oh and gotchigirl, obotchi : check out that page.
  10. do you think Bandai will make something like that?
  11. um...dunno >_< keep letting it sleep by changing time? is it a V2 or V3? If its a V3, he can still see the parent in i think O_O I havent tried the site yet. Lazy ^^"
  12. good luck Vicky!! T__T gosh I miss saying that T__T brings back memories. my first love's name is Vicky.. Anyways, what do you think of trying to make ur Tama sleep forever by keep changing the time? O_O
  13. how do u know if a Tama likes a food? O_O
  14. young mametchi!! I want!! how did u get it T_T